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Tip: Making your own downhill visor

Tip: Making your own downhill visor

With Downhill, you will get flies in your teeth if you venture without a visor. To deal with that, you can buy yourself a full face motorcycle helmet, which is a bit expensive, or make your homemade visor…


A lower-cost visor

Let's take the example of a Bell BMX helmet which costs around 100€. The model here opposite is commonly used by downhill skaters. It is available in several colors.

The method described here can probably be applied on other models of other brands.

In order to make that set-up, you need:

  • a one millimeter thick acetate plate or whatever other plastic that is flexible enough.
    (A 1*0.5m band is 7€ at Weldom's.)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A permanent marker

You can use the pattern that we have uploaded here and print it.

Otherwise, you can draw your own model according to your desires and the shape of your helmet. Normally it fits in a A4 sheet.

Then you have to draw the pattern on the acetate band that you bought. You have enough material for 7 visors!

In order to fix the visor, you will have to push it in-between the styrofoam and the plastic of the helmet. The red line is the delimitation up to where you should push into the helmet.


  • Visière de casque de roller de descenteAcetate does not stand scratches well. Be careful not to scrape is against the floor etc.
  • Do not totally pin the visor against the bottom of the helmet. It will allow air leakage and avoid steam.

No more smiles full of flies and eyes full of tears!

And last but not least, it will protect you from other skaters' projections.


By Imotep33 and Néric du B.L.C.
Photos : Imotep33
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