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Review: Bont G4 High Roller Red 100mm 85A

Review: Bont G4 High Roller Red 100mm 85A

Bont wishes to jump back in force into the inline racing wheel market. With this 4th generation of urethane, the Australians venture into Matter and MPC territories. After having tested the Mint Green 110mm wheels, let's focus this time on the G4 Red, in 100mm...


An average coating for an upscale wheel


As the 110mm version, the hub is made of 8 spokes. It is rather stiff thanks to a good thickness of the blades and the side swellings which are not only there for decoration. Between the swellings, we can spot a little gap – the hinge point – which matches the place where Bont wanted to allow control of flexing, and which "apporterait un retour d'énergie en fin de course".
One of the most important point is non visible, since Bont featured an urethane band directly on the hub, like the dual-density principle used by K2 or more recently by MPC.
Concretely, when we had a close look at the wheels, we were a bit disappointed by the average coating of the wheel, the hub deburring seems to have been done with a Stanley knife and we can spot several thin shavings of plastic. In addition, some urethane burrs are present on the outer urethane layer. However, the bond between the hub and the urethane is well assured and these little flaws will have no consequences on the performance.
The silkscreen printing is simple, nearly drab, for a wheel that will have to make its way in this fierce market!


Bearings fit without any real difficulties into the hub, although a hard surface might be needed to assure a fine set-up.


The G4 High Roller Red wheel measures a bit more than 100mm, a dimension it reaches once the joint mark is off.


The wheels average 125 grams against 123 grams for the MPC VTs and 120 grams for the Matter F1100. A correct weight which set the wheel very close to its competitors.

On the field...

We gave the wheels to 3 skaters who tested them in very different conditions : a nasty 100K, a hard training, and a race participation (French Inline Cup stage in Lyon). Here are their impressions:

Reactivity and grip

The Bont wheels show a good reactivity while accelerating but you will have to spend more energy during the race to keep a good average speed. Bont told us the best rendering for these wheels is around 60 km/h!
The grip is excellente, especially in bend. It is still good at the end of the push too. Besides, the wheel allows a certain freedom of move of the supporting foot which does not give the feeling to be on rails.

Dual density : a miracle solution ?

Rolling and confort

The dual-density playing its role marvelously, the comfort is unmistakably the key point of G4. We feel it in all the conditions. We easily on rough roads. The rolling is real and pleasant, but closer to a MPC Streetfight (bi-density too) than of Matter F1.


The wear seems to be really slow and regular. No polyurethane part of the wheel were removed during the test in spite of rough zones. The joint is still visible on the top of the wheel after more than 400 km! We can predict a very good life for these wheels.


This Bont wheels showed its abilities in 2008 on the stages of the WIC (especially on women's races). Bont gave a performing image to the G4. This image is confirmed by our tests. This wheel amazed us, especially in longue distance. The confort is really good and rolling is satisfying. However, The wheel seems to reach its limits in more demanding conditions such as hilling marathons. She get points on rough roads.
It makes the Australian wheel a serious competitor for the MPC Streetfight or Matter Juice to whom she competes for numerous characteristics brilliantly. A brilliance which costs a little more expensively that average, let us guarantee that it lasts longer!

Strong and weak points

The good

+ excellent confort
+ a really slow wear
+ good grip
+ good rolling

The bad

- perfectible coating
- price
- rendering on varied relief

Technical data

Brand : Bont
Name : G4 High Roller Red
Diameter : 100,4 mm
Hardness : 85A (Bont data)
Hub diameter : 68 mm
Width : 23,5 mm for the PU part et 24 mm for the hub
Weught : 125 grams
Color : white hub, red PU
Diameter available : 100 mm, 110 mm
Bearings : 608
Price : 15 dollars/unity (on Bont website)
recommended for : flat and straight races / longue distance
Produits concurrents : MPC StreetFight, Matter F1...

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Text : 8wd
Tests: 8wd, Jp2Copter and BenAseb
Photos : 8wd et Bont
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