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Speed-skating pads

Speed-skating pads

Speed-skating and downhill are the fastest practices. Speed-skaters generally know how to fall and don't use standard protective equipments. Protections are cumbersome and they hamper the moves. Following some tricks...


Speed-skating pads


Helmet is compulsory during races, according to federal rules and for most organizers. Choose one with an efficient and precise occipital adjustment, as helmets used by cyclists. Don't buy a helmet under 45 Euros, you could be disappointed and have a bad surprise about quality.


Most of cycling gloves are very convenient. They don't protect against wrist's fracture but prevent from grazes and burns. Some brands such as Powerslide created inline-skating gloves which look like bike gloves with a embedded pad.
If you are not self-confident, use wrist-guards. Take care to choose good quality products, most of time, the cheapest wrist-guards do not protect really well.
You can find hand sliders too...


Frequently neglected, they protect feet from irritations. Cotton socks can be used to soak up perspiration. Avoid nylon socks. Skaters using custom boots don't wear socks or very thin socks.
It is possible to get double layers socks. The layers rub one against the other one and so preserve the foot.


If your carbone shoes hurt your feet or if you bleed after each training session, there is a solution : Neoprene ankles. No more cuts to the tendons, no more hurts to your malleolus. Henceforth, you can ride on long distances without pain. You can express your full potential. Do not choose it too much tightened, the foot swells during the effort.

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