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Precautions to take while skating by cold weather

Precautions to take while skating by cold weather

We have already proposed some articles relative to the skating by warm or rainy weather, then here is a "burning" subject for the season : skating by cold weather! Online-skating.com proposes you some craftiness to practice in optimal conditions...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Astuces et conseils

The senitive zones of the body

They are rather easy to detect, all these zones are potentially exposed: the head, the neck, the hands.
The decrease of heat by the head would reach 50 %! Thus, it is necessary to avoid at all costs to go out bare headed.
The extremities of the body are less vascularized that the other parts of the body. The cold provoking a vasoconstriction, fingers are less irrigated.
Fact to make move hands and feet facilitates the blood circulation. In roller-skating, hands move little, especially in position "arm in the back", cover it !

The bodycare

The skin dries much more faster by cold weather, it suffers severely and sometimes cracks. Do not thus neglect any useful care: lip balm, essential oil, moisturizing creams for hands.

Other effects of a cold weather on the body

Bronchi are fragiles by the fresh temperatures. We feel frequently a sensation of burn by intense exercise in the cold.
On the other hand, the needs in energy are superior because the body is going to use a part of the energy to maintain its temperature. The daily food ration must be superior. Do not forget to take a snack with you !
Permanently, ¾ of the spent energy would maintain the thermoregulation of the body and ¼ would be of use to contract the musles.

The choice of clothes is essential

For the clothes, we shall privilege warm, dry, absorbent and wind-spopper products. By skating, the wind stresses the sensation of cold. Clothes keeping the humidity are going to increase the sensation of cold.

How many layers ?

We often hear that thickness is synonymic of protection against the cold. It is not always true!
No need to rush on a big woolen pullover to feel good. Two or three clothes can be more efficient than a big one.
Indeed, it is going to create an insulating layer of air between both clothes (a t-shirt and a vest for example) which allows to preserve the heat.
Be careful, try not to overdress otherwhise you will sweat too much during and after your training !

Breathing clothes

The choice of clothes and their combination becomes a real science with the recent arrival on the market of technical materials.
We shall try to combine an breathing T-shirt which will evacuate the sweat with a waterproof jacket windbreaking and breathing jacket. Banish the "classic" raincoats which are going to keep the sweat.
If you use cotton clothes, they will like warmly at first, then as they will absorb the perspiration, they will become more and more wet and you will feel the cold more and more.

Useful clothes

- fine gloves,
- breathing T-shirt,
- waterproof and breathing jacket,
- hat / earwarmer,
- tights,
- neoprene or latex protections for your skates,
- fine socks.


Start gradually

During fresh and windy seasons, the body needs a little more time to reach an optimal temperature for sport activities.
Once you are well dressed, think that your warm-up will have to be a little longer. As for a classic training, avoid violent efforts during the first 20 to 30 minutes of your training.
Do not neglect the stretching which favors a good functioning of muscles.

Durant the training

The "sprints" efforts thus are to be avoided during the first parts of training. Think of hydrating you regularly, even if you do not feel sensation of thirst, it will allow your muscles to work in a optimal way. The dry air of the winter often stresses the decrease in water.
Avoid the alcohol which increases the loss of heat.
The body temperature is maintained by a process called the thermic compensation, but its efficiency is limited. In case of inactivity, the body cools very fast, increasing the risk of hypothermia.
If you were not too much covered in the effort, dress you more you as soon as your training session is ended!

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