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Statutory modifications for French Inline Cup 2009

Statutory modifications for French Inline Cup 2009

The French National Course committee was recently in meeting to dialog with the organizers of the stages of the French Inline Cup 2009. Numerous statutory modifications are going to take place from the first stage 2009. More details..


The organization of the FIC listened to the runners

It would seem that the remarks made by the skaters on the forums and on grounds reach their goal. 2009 will be unquestionably a year of transition for the French Inline Cup. First of all, two stages disappear from the calendar: Goelo Roller Nature and Lille. Then, the regulation will change to fit to the request of all categories...

The 2009 edition will be composed of 7 stages

As we said before, 2 stages less for 2009. The organization of the French Inline Cup hopes to see two new stages in 2010. Maybe in the South or in the region Pays-de-Loire?

4 and 5 april - 1st stage of the French Inline Cup 2009 in Nîmes (30)
25 and 26 april - 27th edition of "Rennes sur Roulettes" (World Inline Cup)
31 may - French Inline Cup of Besançon (25)
14 june - Marathon of Dijon (World Inline Cup)
19 and 20 september - TransRoller 2009 (25)
27 september - French Inline Cup of Lyon (69)
4 october - Vendée Roller Marathon 2009 (85)

We shall note with regret that the TransRoller 2009 (Doubs) is scheduled at the same time as the finale stage of the World Inline Cup (September 19th) and as the world championships (from September 16th till September 27th).


The price of the stages remain unchanged. A preferential rate is always proposed for all the skaters which belongs to the FFRS (French Federation). A special price is also proposed until J-30.

The start changes on Marathon

On marathon, the start will be moved from 30 seconds till 1 minute, according to circuits.
These measures concerns the categories Men elites, National Men, Women elites and National Women.
In other words, the Elites leave, the national wait on the start line, they start 30 seconds later and make their own race ! This solution allows that no more national skater uses the draft of the Elites.
For the ladies, the start will not probably be moved on all the stages seen the weak number of participants.
. The skaters of a category cannot enter into the pack of another category.
The young Juniors who run the marathon take the same start as the National Men.

Ladies, you should be able to finish your races!

The ladies often had difficulty in finishing their races in the required lap of time the previous years. It is enough demotivating to make several hundreds of kilometers and not have enough time to finish a race! This time should be over.
The delay to complete the marathon will be fixed thus henceforth at 1:30 maximum, except for the World Inline Cup/French Inline Cup of "Rennes sur Roulettes" where it should be a little longer (the race is 50 km long instead of 42 km).

Colored marks on numbers to differentiate the categories

The numbers will be modified with colored marks to disinguish the different categories from "Marathon" to "Open".
Marathon: Elite (Red), National (Blue), Junior (Black)
Open: Seniors (Red), Veterans 1 (Blue), Veterans 2 (Black)


The cable Sport Channel Sport+ no longer diffuse the broadcasts concerning the French Inline Cup. The production of the images was too expensive for everybody.
Maybe that certain stages will be diffused on the Internet Channel "Orange Sport". On the other hand, the magazine "RollerInfos" will always be there and will still promote speed and fitness skating accross France.

And in 2010 ?

It is likely that the best veterans (the Masters categories in other countries) (10 to 15 first ones?) will rise in National category to ease congestion in the category Open. The Open Category will return to its initial vocation: discovery of competition.
Maybe that certain national will also rise in Elite category!


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