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Green roller : the K2 ETU 2009

Green roller : the K2 ETU 2009

This year will be ecological. Some companies like K2 decided to invest in sustainable development. Perhaps initially due to marketing, this is a good idea for planet. We thank K2 to procure a model equipped with a bamboo frame, the "ETU" concept tested here...


Ecological but realistic...

The green range consists in ETU model for men and MAIA for women. Both have a bamboo frame. Every part of the boot is made with recyclable or recycled materials.


The "SoftBoot" a mix between soft and hard boot, fresh and ventilated, was patented by K2 in 1991. It is mainly composed of a white and kaki mesh textile.


The forward flexibility is very good, the backward less. Putting on ETU leads skating into a slight bended position.


Foot is well maintained, although ETU is a fitness product. With time, boot becomes more supple. This roller is quite sufficient for leisure, but avoid stiff practice (sprint, dubble push...)


Tightening is efficient and quick. It begins with a front lace, plus a Velcro strap for the kick, and a micrometric buckle at the top. This last one achieves foot maintaining. Improvements should be done by a stop-lace system, and metallic buckle to improve solidity.


These roller skates are like slippers ! when putting on, the first feeling is comfort due to inside thickness. Dynamic test is concluding, vibrations on rough ground are filtered by bamboo frames.


Wooden made, bamboo in this case, the frame is funny. In fact treatments give to bamboo fibre strong mechanical properties. The two blades are putted to boot by rivets, so lateral adjustment is impossible. It is not a problem, frame mounting is normally centred. Because of bamboo fibre damping, the efficiency of frame is not exceptional, but comfort is quite improved. If strength is satisfying for a normal and reasonable using, don’t risk doing stair jump or tac-tac !


Wheels are 84mm K2 model, shore 80A. Diameter is sufficient for fitness, softness contributes to global comfort. The rub wears on quickly, especially on rough ground. K2 has chosen wheels according to frames, for a better comfort.


Classic ABEC 7 Twincam bearings are mounted with the wheels. Silent and soft, they don’t appreciate rain.

Axles and fastenings

As for bottom and medium range rollers, K2 has equipped ETU with 7mm axles. A convenient choice for such a model. Every axle is fitted by additional screw (2 pieces by axle). Struts are longer than for standard 8mm axle model, to balance the 7mm up to 8mm difference.


Quality of making is very good, with no visible glue drip and well adjusted pieces.


Once the initial comfort has been appreciated, you can feel a “forward transfer”. Similar to a wedge under the heel, that puts yourself in skating position.


We notice in this test amazing qualities of ETU. K2 proposes to market a product with a good value for money. The main strengths are sustainable development – the K2 marketing - and also comfort. ETU is ideal for urban walking or short distance fitness.

Main strengths and improvements

Good points

+ global comfort
+ softness
+ easy to handle
+ good value for money

Points to improve

- forward transfer too important
- wheels wear out quickly


Softness 08/10
Support 08/10
Tightening 08/10
Comfort 09/10
Frame 08/10
Bearings 08/10
Wheels 07/10
Axles and fastenings 07/10
Finishing 09/10
Value for money 08/10

Final score:


Technical caracteristics

Brand: K2                                                                                    
Model : ETU
Year : 2009
Boot : softboot
Tightening : micrometric buckle, strap, lace
Size : 36.5 – 49 (Europe)
Frame : bamboo
Mounting spacing : 165mm
Wheels : K2, 84 mm, 80A
Maximal diameter : 84 mm
Bearings : standard(608) – ABEC7 Twincam ILQ
Struts : aluminium
Brake : pad
Mass : 1515g (size 41)
Price : 169 Euros
Recommended using : short walking, fitness



www.K2sports.comText: Alfathor
Translated by Valino
Photos: Alfathor
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