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French Inline Cup: sunny races in Nîmes (30)

French Inline Cup: sunny races in Nîmes (30)

The 2009 French Inline Cup started that week-end in the city of Nîmes, south of France, under a sunny and a bit windy weather. Skaters who made the trip were not disappointed by the excellent conditions. The circuit, always technical, tactical and physical, made a serious selection...


Happy breakaways

10h00. One arrive on the site of the first French Inline Cup of the year in Nîmes. The "Hour roller" already started and the skaters of the Open race are ready to warm-up. Some skaters walks all around the circuit to recon the road.
This 6th edition sees many international personalities on the starting line, with both men and women: Tamara Llorens (Bont - Argentina), Nicole Begg (Bont - New Zealand), Elio Cuncu (Powerslide - Italy), Spanish, Colombians and many 'Others...
Most races decanted quickly. The highly selective circuit of Nimes, with its roundabouts and devastating hills rapidly sorting among competitors.

The 2,6 km course

There has been no major changes since last year: the start is made on the straight line next to the Costières Stadium. It turns immediately left at 180° to enter a resurfaced roundabout. Then, skaters take a slight false flat, it turns right and a slight downhill allows to gain some speed in a beautiful straight line. One reaches another roundabout, it turns to 270 degrees and then starts the serious things with the bridge above the highway : short but steep climb with a few pieces of rough road. The downhill allows to rest a few moment before 2 roundabouts and a return to the previous bridge. Then, one goes back in the previous straight line with a slight false flat. it finished with a 90 left turn and the finish line. The road is quite wide and rolling. The wind rose gradually during the races.

Men: victorious Breakaway for Ligne Droite/Powerslide

One did not have too many doubts about the victory of the french Yann Guyader (Ligne Droite / Powerslide). The Powerslide skater finished 3rd at the first World Inline Cup of the year in Cartagena de Indias. He appears in a good shape this year. The rest of the podium was not as easy to guess.
Soon in the race, 5 skaters make a breakaway, leaving the pack behind. 3 French skaters finally increasing their advantage on the pack: Yann Guyader (Powerslide), Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide) and Julien Sourrisseau (RPM Poli).
The Italian Cuncu (Powerslide), injured, can not give the best of himself.
The escapees gradually increases the distance with the pace. The attacks of Ewen Fernandez and Yann Guyader allow them to leave Julien Sourrisseau alone.
One saw skaters regularly stumble at the limit of grip in roundabouts, including Yann Guyader which catches up a few times.
Yann wins sprint in 1 h 09 m 48 s. His teammate Ewen arrive second. Behind them, 3 skaters of RPM Poli arrive successively: Julien Sourrisseau in 1 h 13 min 11 s solo then Fabien Hascoet and Kevin Gauclin in 1 h 15 min 37 s.

Women: Nicole Begg VS Nathalie Barbotin

From the very beginning, the New Zealand skater Nicole Begg (Bont) dynamites the race by attempts to escape. She surprises Nathalie Barbotin (Powerslide) many times.
The two skaters both skaters lead the pack and make brakeaways. But the women's race held at the same time of men's race and it arrives that women pursuers uses the draft of men to reach the escapees. Nicole Begg and Nathalie Barbotin stop their attempts of breakaways, waiting for the final sprint.
Finally, Nicole Begg beats Nathalie Barbotin on the finish line. The 3rd place is taken by Tamara Llorens (Bont). Welcome the young Lucie Peruzzetto (Powerslide) who finishes 5th for his first participation in a marathon.

National category: a dedicated race

The French Inline Cup established a new regulation to limit the impact of the Elite race on ranking of the National category skaters. A separate start is being tested at the beginning of the season.
The National pack stays compact throughout the race. We see a lot of Rhône-Alpes teams leading the pack and finally sprinted for the victory. Benjamin Bourlier (National LOU Roller) wins against Hugo Balandras (National LOU Roller) and Damien Ducreux (Générations Roller Sports).

Men Open: Jean-François Lenôtre leads the race

Jean-François Lenôtre does not leave any little opportunity to the other competitors. He is physically above the others skaters despite of its "almost" 48 years.
He leads the race from the start to the finish line and almost attacks in the uphill above the highway. Pursuers have real difficulties to follow him.
The pack gradually reduces. Some skaters manage to stick a little behind Jean-François, such as Rodolphe Ferrier (Funny Riders) but Jean-François attacks systematically.
Behind him, Thierry Vandenbroucke (Lou Roller Team) took second place to the Alsatian Laieb Alexis, 3rd.

Women Open: Elodie Gaillard alone

The scenario is nearly the same as for the men's race: Elodie Gaillard is alone and leads the whole race. She gradually takes minutes to its rivals and finish with about 3 minutes margin on Floriane Imbert (Générations Roller Sports) and Mathilde Mourier.


The organization of Nîmes gave us a perfectly organized first stage, in exceptional weather conditions. A seventh edition is scheduled for 2010.
The new regulation on the separate races is being tested. The national men have enjoyed being able to do their own race, but the elites sometimes felt a little lonely. There is no doubt that regulatory modifications will be made so that everyone can find his account.
Next step: FIC / WIC Rennes in 15 days!

Videos of the events are being assembled and will be released soon.

Main results

Elites men

1) Yann GUYADER (Ligne Droite/Powerslide)
2) Ewen FERNANDEZ (Ligne Droite/Powerslide)
3) Julien SOURISSEAU (RPM Poli)
4) Fabien HASCOET (RPM Poli)
5) Kevin GAUCLIN (RPM Poli)
6) Matthieu BARRAULT (Levallois Sporting Club Elite)
7) Vincent ESNAULT (Levallois Sporting Club Elite)
8) Daniel RUIZ RIVERA (PC Nickys)
9) Cuncu GIACOMO (Ligne Droite/Powerslide)
10) Cyril CARCANO (RS Dijon Bourgogne)

Elites women

1) Nicole BEGG (Bont)
2) Nathalie BARBOTIN (Ligne Droite / Powerslide)
3) Tamara LLORENS (Bont)
4) Laetitia LE BIHAN (RPM Poli)
5) Lucie PERUZZETTO (Ligne Droite / Powerslide)
6) Christine CHABENET (USM Villeparisis)
8) Livia MEIR
9) Léa SANGIORGIO (SAM Mérignac)
10) Fannie EUVRARD (Générations Roller Sport)

National men race

1) Benjamin BOURLIER (Lou Roller National)
2) Hugo BALANDRAS (Lou Roller National)
3) Damien DUCREUX (Générations Roller Sport)
4) Cyril LAURENT (F2P - Rhônes-Alpes)
5) Jean-Baptiste GAMBA (Générations Roller Sport)
6) Nicolas JAFFRAIN (Lou Roller National)
8) Samir HALI (Générations Roller Sport)
7) David BERNARDIN (F2P - Rhônes-Alpes)
9) Stéphane PINEAU (F2P - Rhônes-Alpes)
10) Salman AL BARGAAWY (Générations Roller Sport)

Open women

1) Elodie GAILLARD (Team Mont-Blanc Roller)
2) Floriane IMBERT (Générations Roller Sport)
3) Mathilde MOURIER
4) Isabelle VEUX (Kroko Roller)
5) Céline COGNARD (Générations Roller Sport)
6) Mathilde TABILLON (Générations Roller Sport)
7) Lise ROMANS
8) Nathalie DICTUS (POL Lonjumeau)
9) Béatrice HUG
10) Sophie JACQUIER (Générations Roller Sport)

Open men

1) Jean-François LENOTRE (CPR Toulouse Limayrac)
2) Thierry VANDENBROUCKE (Lou Roller Team)
3) Alexis LAIEB (Lou Roller Team)
4) Thomas DAUVERGNE (AM Sports Dijon)
5) Cédric FARON
6) Yacine HAMMOUN (Planet Roller)
7) Yannick PUGINIER (SAM Mérignac)
8) Christophe GIRARD (Paris Hockey Club)
9) Antoine LESAVRE (PUC Roller)
10) Van Tri DONG (Rolling To Gap)Thanks to Aline


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