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Interview: Terence and Clarence Cheung

Interview: Terence and Clarence Cheung

They are two brothers. They are both devils for freestyle skating. Terence and Clarence are currently #19 and #22 at the WSSA World Ranking (Dec.08). But above all, they reign supreme over the Singaporean Freestyle scene, exchanging the first and the second national places depending on the year: in 2007 Terence seizes the SNFC* title, and in 2008 it's Clarence's turn...



I had the occasion to skate a few times with both of them, and I've been seduced by their reflexion on style, precision and coherence of moves. They follow the Asian logics of style, but with that recognizable and original touch that makes all the difference...

Technical sheet


Name: Terence Cheung
Date of birth: 1990
Nationality:From Hong Kong. Moved to Singapore in 1994
Occupation:Student (engineering)
- 2006 Slalomania 1er (national)
- 2006 Samsung inline slalom 1er (national)
- 2007 SNFC 2e (Style)
- 2008 SNFC 2e (Style & Speed)


Nom : Clarence Cheung
Date of birth: 1991
Nationality:From Hong Kong. Moved to Singapore in 1994
Occupation: Etudiant (informatique)
- 2006 Slalomania 2e
- 2006 Samsung inline slalom 2e
- 2007 SNFC 1er (Style)
- 2008 SNFC 1er (Style)
- 2008 SNFC 3e (Speed)

Beginning: When and how did you start skating?

Terence: I started skating at 11, in 2001. Just normal skating. And then I started slalom-skating in 2006. I found videos online, it happened to be videos of Seba. They really inspired me.
Clarence: I started normal skating in 2005. And slalom-skating in 2006, Influenced by my brother and a friend, Clement.

Competitions: When did you start?

Terence: I started freestyle competitions in 2005. At the time I didn't know a thing about slalom-skating and I got last!
Clarence: I started one year later, in 2006.

In which specialities do you compete?

We compete in everything as long as it has to do with freestyle (Individual, Jam, Battle, Speed, Slides) because skating is having fun.

Any preferences?

Individual Freestyle, no hesitation… because it's different from the other skating sports: there's more room for creativeness.

Sessions: How often do you train? With whom? The place you like best to train?

Terence: I skate with Clement, a friend from Singapore, and John Bea. I train four times a week, usually just to have fun. We're used to skate at East Coast Park (Singapore).
Clarence: I skate four times a week too, I really enjoy skating. Every training session is very enjoyable.

Which tricks do you like best?

Terence: Toe wheeling! Anyway, I can't do heel wheeling... And anything that looks artistic.
Clarence: Wheelings and stylish moves!

Do you have other passions?

Terence: Only skating!
Clarence: Gaming on psp and pc!

Special thanks?

Special thanks to our sponsor Micro Skate Singapore. *SNFC: Singapore National Freestyle Championship


Video: Micro Team Singapore


Video - Beijing Slalom Open 2008 (Individual Classic)
Video -Singapore Championship (SNFC) 2008
Video - WSSA World Championship 2008


Video - Singapore Championships (SNFC) 2007
Video - Singapore Championships (SNFC) 2008
Video - Jam with Ping Hwee WSSA World Championship 2008
WSSA World Ranking

Text : Close Yr E's
Photos: DaLang, 2008
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