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1st stage of the french downhill championship

1st stage of the french downhill championship

As every year, Darnetal is the first stage of the downhill season. The competition hold in North of France. The hill is not very technical and is perfect to begin the season. The young French Cédric BUXIN is the star of this stage...


A star is born

Cédric Buxin signed the best time with more than 3 seconds on the second rider and 5 on the third...

The track

Darnetal's hill is not very technical and is perfect for a first try in competition.
It is composed with large turns which requested only little breaks and then a 1 km schuss. The road has a total length of 2.300 m.


Competitors were coming from everywhere in France for this event. We can notice a high number of riders coming from Paris and Nancy.
About top riders, a lot of people were talking about the young Cédric Buxin (from Paris) who was presumed to be very fast this year. Other riders could pretend on a podium such as Mathieu Prudent, David Parent, Nicolas Varin, Alexandre Lebrun or Emmanuel Michonneau.

Friday, 1st May: Training

The event took place on 3 days (thanks to 1st may which is holiday in France) and the first day was dedicated to training.
The road was partly wet in the morning but became dry in the afternoon to allow riders to take their marks.

Saturday, 2nd May: Cédric Buxin in front of everyone.

Cédrix Buxin (Paris University Club) was the faster with an impressive 1'52"89 in front of Alexandre Lebrun (Lyon Riders) in 1'55"25 and Mathieu Prudent (Lyon Riders) in 1'56"94; 7 riders are following within 2 seconds after Mathieu Prudent.
After the second run, Cédric Buxin was even faster with 1'52"07. The podium stay as it was.
We can notice a huge difference of time between Cédric Buxin, Alexandre Lebrun and the other riders. This will be interesting to follow these 2 riders and see their ranking on further competition against the two current best riders Daniel Ladurner (Austria) and Harry Perna (Lyon Riders).
In the women race, Marjorie Phlippoteau (Miss'île / Lyon Riders) won in front of Cécile Klaus (Miss'île / Lyon Riders) and Nathalie Demarest (Lille).

Sunday, 3rd May: Inline Cross just for pleasure

Inline skaters ended the week-end with inline cross with 3 groups of 6 riders and a final including top 9 riders!
For the final, the 9 riders were very close on the starting line.
Due to this hill, the victory cannot be made on the 3 turns but in the last schuss witch allow riders to drift themselves.
At the beginning, riders were looking at each others whereas Alexandre Lebrun pushes hard to lead the race until the schuss. At this moment, Cédric Buxin passes him and will not be reached: double victory for him!
Nicolas Varin (Paris University Club) finished second and Mathieu Prudent (Lyon Riders) took the third place.
Two more training were organised after this inline cross to allow spectators and riders to benefit of it.
During the price giving, a lot of riders, spectators and local inhabitants were clapping their hands under the podium.
Top 8 riders on Saturday and all 9 finalists of the inline cross were granted with cidre's bottles (local beverage).


To sum up we can say that this event was perfectly mixing pleasure and competition, allowing riders to ride during 3 days.
Thanks to the association « Riders en Bray » for the organization of such great events.
See you on the 2nd stage of the french championship (and first world cup) in Peyragudes on south-west of France in July. Online-Skating.Com will cover the event.



1) Cédric BUXIN
2) Alexandre LEBRUN
3) Mathieu PRUDENT
4) David PARENT
5) Emmanuel MICHONNEAU
6) Nicolas VARIN
7) Eric GUERIN
9) Mathieu BRICHET
10) Mathieu POIRIER
11) Grégoire PINTO
12) Nilsen FILC
14) Régis JACQUIN
15) Jean-Baptiste LE VAN
16) Stéphane COLLETTE
17) Dmitri ELSON
19) Franck CECCHI
20) Alexandre VAXELAIRE
21) Alexandre LAHCEN
22) Mallory BERTHELOT
23) Jean-Baptiste BOUCHEZ
24) Ludovic BERANGER
25) Christophe FOSSEY
26) Maxime BERGET


2) Cécile KLAUS
3) Nathalie DEMAREST


1) Cédric BUXIN
2) Nicolas VARIN
3) Mathieu PRUDENT
4) Eric GUERIN
5) Jean-Baptiste LE VAN
6) Nilsen FILC
8) Mathieu POIRIER
9) Alexandre LEBRUN


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