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Bart Swings: "I never expected all this"

Bart Swings:

With wins in Gross Gerau, Emmeloord and Heerde and good performances in Trois Pistes and Domburg, the season of Bart Swings started incredible. "Pre-season training went well, so maybe I could have seen it coming, but I definitely didn't expect all this". A short interview with Belgium's quiet achiever...


"I never expected all this"

As a first years senior, being only 18 years old, beating reigning World champions. It is what many dream of, but only few achieve.

I'm very satisfied with that, yes. I had some great wins already. Before the season started, I didn't really know what to expect. Especially not between such good skaters as on the starting lists of Heerde and Gross Gerau. My goal was to be within the top 10 or top 5, but it turned out to be a lot better.

You must be a little proud!

Yes I am. My season already succeeded, you might say. Winning the 500 meter in Heerde for example was a great feeling, as I'm not a real sprinter but still beat so many good sprinters. But a lot of races will follow, and especially at the European and World championships I want to do the best I can of course.

After this heavy period of racing, there is a short rest?

A free weekend is ahead and then we have the Belgium championships. In the mean time we will train hard I think, in order to have another peek during Europeans and Worlds. My trainer Jelle Spruyt takes care of the training schedules. So the next weeks and months will be tough, with generally races every weekend too.

Tell us about the chemistry in the team. I looked like you where racing together already for years...

Well, Maarten, Ferre and I do race together for years, so we know each other very well. But also with DJ and Shane it went fluently. Shane is the one with the most experience amongst us. So it was a natural thing that he is the leader of the team. But the good thing is we all say what we thing and we all contribute to the team tactics. Also, we get along very well with each other and with the people from CadoMotus. We are supported very well, which contributes to the team atmosphere.

And what equipment concerns; being on Black Tracks on the Heerde track gives confidence, because everybody knows it is the best wheel for the track. And with the Road War now we have a real good wheel for the road too.



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