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Peyragudes : First Inline Downhill World Cup 2009

Peyragudes : First Inline Downhill World Cup 2009

From 15th to 18th jully, The Peyragudes2Luxe Cup took place in south-west of France. It was the first world cup of the season. In the french mountain, the hill was fast and very long. A first good event for competitors !


A fast and physical track on more than 3kms.


The event had a great success last year for his first edition so the organisators decided to make it one more time for an edition “deluxe”. Track modified, all the meals include and a lot of animations have made this 4 days event a great success.

The track

The race took place in the pyrenees’s mountain. The track is very fast (high speed up to 80km/h), is very long (3.2kms) and physical due to the hard push needed out of each corner.

The riders

There were a lot of French people coming from Paris, Lyon, Nancy and even Marseille. 5 Austrians (including the world champion Daniel Ladurner) and the german Tobias Wöherle were part of the event.

The event

On Wednesday, Riders could discover the race on a sunny weather and have a lot of training all the day.

On Thursday, the organisation decided to change the schedule due to the bad weather forecast announced for next days. All the disciplines except inline could make their qualifications

On Friday, a full day of Rain and fog forced the organisation to postpone the end of the event to Satuday. The evening was dedicated to a movie projection including first videos of the event (shooted during the first 2 days) and warmed the riders despite the unfriendly weather.

On Saturday morning, the road became dry and inline riders could compete.


On the men race, Daniel Ladurner won this first world cup with an awesome time below the 3 minutes. Behind him we found young rider Cédrix Buxin from Paris who’s become one of the best french rider now. Mathieu Prudent took the third place.

On the women race, Séverine Christ-Thomas was the fastest in front of Marjorie Phlippoteau and Marie Marchand. Women podium is one more time 100% French.

Due to the delay, there were no inline-cross for this event.


After this 4 day event, we can notice a perfect organisation including a lot of communication and an awesome hill which make this world cup a great success.

Full results

Downhill men

1) Daniel LADURNER
2) Cédric BUXIN
3) Mathieu PRUDENT
4) Tobias WOEHRLE
5) Gregoire PINTO
6) Christian LINS
7) Nicolas VARIN
8) Werner LADURNER
9) Jonathan ROUFFIAC
10) Alexandre LEBRUN
11) Didier EGLIGEAU
12) Florent COTTINET
13) Régis JACQUIN
14) Eric GUERIN
16) Franck CECCHI
17) Johnannes WANGER
18) Gabriel LIZE
19) Andreas SCHIRGI

Downhill Women

1) Séverine CHRIS-THOMAS
4) Cécile BENLOLO


Full mens results
Full women results
Event’s website
IIDA’s website
Website of the french commission of inline downhill>
Pictures galery of OdixText : Alexandre Lebrun (Rollo)
Photos : © Romain Bessiere & Odix
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