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Powerslide DVD: "Road to Speed"

Powerslide DVD:

In June 2008, Powerslide has released a DVD to learn inline speed-skating. Arnaud Gicquel, multiple world champion, explains the basics of speed-skating. 4 years later, Powerslide has posted the DVD "Road to Speed" on Youtube ...


Article written on 2008 and updated on 2012

Complete video from the DVD "Road To Speed"

This video is in French with English subtitles. A French version with German subtitles is also available on Youtube...

We learned about this DVD dedicated to inline speed-skating in 2008, in a press release of the German company Powerslide. An educational DVD entitled "Road to Speed".

DVD: Road to Speed (Jacket)

4 years after its release, Powerslide posted the 42 minutes of this DVD on Youtube.

Two versions are available:

  • A French version with English subtitles
  • A French version with German subtitles

This video was edited in collaboration with Arnaud Gicquel, one of the best skaters of his generation.

  • 4 times World Champion
  • 40 times Champion of Europe
  • Winner of the World Inline Cup
  • Second degree qualified instructor
  • Former coach of the German national team in 2007 and 2008
  • Manager of the National Training Centre of Nantes (France)

Arnaud Gicquel...

" This DVD is dedicated to all those who wish to learn and improve inline speed-skating.Through my 20 years experience as an elite athlete and now as a coach, I will explain the technique and tactics of inline speed-skating through many exercises.
From basic skating skills to double push through pack's techniques, listen to my advice, avoid mistakes and ... so let's practice! "

All you need to know about inline speed-skating...

  • Straight line
  • How to push
  • how to take bends
  • practical plyometric exercises
  • analysis of skating technique
  • analysis of typical mistakes

Detailed presentation of the DVD

The DVD begins with some races' videos including the World Inline Cups of Dijon (France) and Rennes (France).

We start learning inline speed-skating with a lessons about skating on a straight line. First, Arnaud Gicquel describe the "basic position" to skate well. Then he also precise the differences between the long distance and sprint positions.

Arnaud gives some tips for working effectively the push, including a better use of your body weight through various exercises. Each exercise is illustrated, showing also not to commit errors. Tips are given for proper positioning of the foot, knees and ankles ...

Now it's time to improve your arms' technique! The role of arms is critical in roller-skating. It has an influence on the stride, acceleration. Again, the part about not committing errors is very informative ...

After this good warm-up, Arnaud Gicquel tells us about the famous double push with theoretical explanations, slow motion, the proper position of segments, the timing. It starts with a work on the outer edge angle.

We continue this workout with the work of bends and crossovers in bends, alone or with a training partner. Arnaud makes us work the transition phase in the crossover to get a good position of the skates and good timing ...

Tired of skating alone? Let's work in a pack! Arnaud explains how to maintain the proper distance with the skater in front of you, to follow and keep the pace of this skater, based on his shoulders swaying. It begins in straight lines and then on the track in a second time. Once you master the technique of the pack, you have to move inside of the pack or to manage your position in the pack.

The next chapter is devoted to the work of trajectories, Especially in track and road races. Arnaud explains the importance of choosing a path depending on the coating, the position of your opponents and how to enter the bends.

If after that you still want to suffer, an entire chapter is devoted to plyometrics. Arnaud includes most of the exercises shown above without the skates...

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Photos: Powerslide
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