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DVD Shred 'til you're dead

DVD Shred 'til you're dead

Yvan Narez shows us a 3,000 miles tour with the team Valo, Jeff Stockwell and Chris Haffey. From the North of California to Idaho through Oregon, we visit every most beautiful skatepark of the country. Of what to tempt us to take our blades and ride with them...


Valo and Aggressive Mall offer us a small jewel. A road trip all riders would dream about. If you are a fan of bowl and skatepark in concrete, it is the moment to get this video, http: // shredtilyouredead.com/. During 47 minutes, STYD redraw two weeks of a rich skating tour. The quality of this video is magnificent. Yvan Narez captures brilliantly their stylish and clean lines. Left for small van to the effigy of STYD, pros stopped to show us every extent of their talent.
We discover 3 very different parts. The first one takes place in the North of California. Jeff Stockwell amazes us by his flow to Scotts Valley. Erik Bailey shreds literally the bowl of Pacifica under the attentive eyes of Chris Haffey and Jeff Stockwell. You have to see the memorable clash of the Titans to Benecia. The European, whom we are, will go into raptures in front of riders' paradise. Did you know that there's a AM warehouse in Sunnyvale? You will find thousands of rollerblades there. Riders equipped themselves gaily for the continuation of their tour.
We pursue the road trip in Oregon. The riders have to establish the camp. In the evening, Erik Bailey finds the best way of reviving the fire, throwing some beer in it. What a waste but it worked well! After the coffee, it's time to restart. Ross Kuhn, amateur of Valo team, joins them in Port Orford. Chris Haffey and Victor Arias indulge themselves at the McMinville's skatepark with round copings everywhere, whereas Brandon Smith chains the skatepark of Portland. The most impressing belongs to Hood River with a part outside and the other one under a hall. All riders deliver very smooth lines. It's a pleasure to observe them.
Finally, the road trip ends in Idaho with Jeff Stockwell's music, virtuoso of acoustic guitar. In a friendly atmosphere, we penetrate into their universe where rollerblading is a state of mind. Once again, we see only beautiful images and guests such as Tory Treseder and many others. During this video, between frenzies and sessions, the view is intimist and classy. The supplements are also interesting.
As a matter of fact, this video is excellent. We find all necessary inspiration there before going to run. Very clean images and perfect lines, all that a rider asks for. We look forward to the next video!


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Text : Marie-Dominique Beau aka Lapichu
Photos : All rights reserved
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