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Muscle Strengthening with Yann Guyader 04: Squatting on skates

Muscle Strengthening with Yann Guyader 04: Squatting on skates

A new muscle strengthening session with French World Champion Yann Guyader: Squatting. That drill is not specific to skating but is very close to the skating stance. The aim? Holding the position as long as you can to improve the efficiency of your skating...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Why squatting?


The main aim of the squat drill is to strengthen you quadriceps. Your hamstrings (quadriceps antagonists) are also stimulated as well as, to a lower extent, your lower back.

The good stance

  • Place yourself into a skating stance (bent at a 90° to 110° angle)
  • Your heels touching the ground
  • Your feet at hip width
  • Your knees keeping the same spacing as your feet the whole time


Do series of 20 to 30 sec with 20 to 30 seconds of recovery in-between. Hold until it burns, that's where it gets interesting!

Useful links

#00 Introduction

#01 Keeping the skating stance

#02 Reinforcing the push phase

#03 Bringing the leg back after the push

#04 Squatting on skates

#05 One-leg flexing

#06 Dynamic work for pushes

#07 Arm moves

#08 Lateral leaps

#09 Bringing the skate back with tonicity

#10 Jump series

#11 Static cross-overs

#12 Static cross-overs with straight leg

#13 Lateral leaps with progressive forwards motion

#14 Muscle reinforcement - General conclusion

By Alfathor
Photos: Alfathor
Thanks to Yann Guyader and Bio Rider Nature
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