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SFC : first actions of the association

SFC :  first actions of the association

Here is now approximately one year, Yann Guyader and Cecilia Baena created a non profit association : SFC, to allow the Colombian children to acquire their first speedskates and to practise their passion in better conditions. first actions of the association...



SFC is a non profit association created by the frenchman Yann Guyader and the colombian Cecilia Baena et le français Yann Guyader. The idea grown since august 2009. Its purpose: help the children of discriminated districts in Colombia by offering them a pair of rollerskates and a hobby...


SFC : des rollers pour les jeunes colombiens
La combinaison SFC sur le site de l'ASTAText: Alfathor
Photos: Alfathor
Thanks to Cecilia Baena
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