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Test : RollX XBird 90mm 87A Wheels

Test : RollX XBird 90mm 87A Wheels

After having tested the main RollX wheels dedicated to speed skating, we have looked into their speed/fitness skating wheels. Let’s start with the test of the XBirds 90mm 87A, green ladybirds with substantial qualities...


Alfathor’s opinion

RollX offers two 90mm wheel ranges: the OnX/Ninety and the orange or green XBirds. The firsts with white polyurethane don’t have much grip. The seconds with colored polyurethane benefited from an additive which gives more grip.


You’re always reserved when you start testing a hard wheel: 87A is already a bit hard for a wheel destined to fitness skating!

The hub is white with five thin points: the structure is quite light. The polyurethane on-hub is generous and with a nice green color.


The surface is smooth, and there is no bubble to report. No trace of plastic shavings on the hub either.

Set up

No problem as for the bearing insertion by hand. Put your bearing on a smooth surface, put the wheel flat on top of it and push.


The rebound test is conclusive with the wheel coming back at a very good height and at a good speed. Good rebound!


Despite the 87A hardness, the wheel is quite comfortable on damaged grounds thanks to a quite tolerating hub. It is not as comfortable as carpet slippers but it remains fairly comfortable.


Roue RollX XBird 90 mm
The grip was the good surprise: with a hardness of 87A, we worked on the assumption that the wheel was going to lack grip on dry ground and even more on wet ground! We spent a good 30km trying to make the XBird slip without success. No need to say that you’ll need some time to wear it enough for it to slip in bends.

On the other hand, on wet ground the slippery effect is guaranteed.


The model that we tested has a diameter of 90 mm for a hardness of 87A. This model also exists in 80 mm, 84 mm, 94 mm, 104 mm and 110 mm.

Wear and tear

The wear is slow and even: the fact that it takes a long time to make it lose its grip proves it. After more than 30km, the center line in the middle of the rolling band is still visible.


We were worried as for the grip of the green XBirds on a daily basis, but finally the wheels have a very good grip on dry surfaces. Be careful as soon as you reach wet grounds because it gets very slippery. Apart from that, the XBirds offer a very good rolling and an excellent rebound. They are very reactive for starts. Then why buying foreign wheels when you have this kind of products at home?

Roue RollX XBird 90 mm

Technical characteristics

Brand: RollX
Model: XBird
Origin: France
Color: Green
Year: NA
Diameter: 90 mm
Hardness: 87A (hard)
Width: 22 mm
Weight: 112 grams
Supported bearings: standard or microbearings with adapters
Profile: elliptic
Recommended public price: 8€

Exists in:

  • 80 mm
  • 84 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 94 mm
  • 104 mm
  • 110 mm
  • Yellow (83A)
  • Yellow (83A)
  • Orange (85A)
  • Green (87A)

Recommended use: medium and long distance fitness skating on dry surface

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Very good rolling
+ Comfort
+ Rebound
+ Grip on dry ground
+ Slow wear
+ Good value for money


- Precarious grip on wet ground

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By Alfathor
Translated by Chloé Seyres
Photos: Alfathor 
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