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Test : Powerslide Venom Speed Boot

Test : Powerslide Venom Speed Boot

The Powerslide Venom speed skates arrived on the market at the end of 2009. This product was renewed in 2011 with the same technical characteristics as the current model. Onlineskating.com sifted through the Venom boot…



Test : chaussure vitesse Powerslide Venom

Test : chaussure vitesse Powerslide Venom
After the test of the CWorld6, let’s continue in the testing of Powerslide speed skates. If 10 years ago the models of the brand lacked reliability, lots of improvements have been made since then so that Powerslide is probably the leader of the European market today. We have found a pair of Venom skates at the Moanashop of Palavas. It is the 2010 model that was renewed in 2011…

Testing conditions

We have set up the Powerslide Venom boots on Diabolik 4x104 mm frames with RollX XBird 100mm green (87A) wheels. This is a rigid and reactive configuration through which we have sifted.


The Venom boot has the same “Hollow tube” carbon body as the old C2 boot: there are 4 hollows under the boot. They increase the rigidity of the boot. The “old leather” design gives a vintage look to the skate. The embroidery and the golden seams on the boot contrast with the black leather and the carbon, making the Venom skate a discreet but elegant skate.

Set up

Powerslide equipped the Venom with mobile screw threads. Aligning your frame will take you more time than with a fixed skate. This system has pros and cons: it gives more freedom as for the amplitude of the adjustments, but it tends to unscrew more easily. Tip: put a drop of threadlock on the thread of your fixing screws.


The Venom mixes the 3 tightening systems that are the most famous on the Powerslide models: laces, micrometric buckle and Velcro bands.

The laces cover the whole foot. Just like for the CWorld6, lacing is arduous because the laces are hard to slide. The tightening is difficult on the top of the foot.

Try to wax your laces to make them suppler and ease the sliding. Note: we broke a lace after only a few outings… fragile...

The tightening of the toes by the laces is completed with a Velcro band which gives more precision. The heel is well supported thanks to the adjustable micrometric buckle. The wide leather band covers efficiently the top of the foot.


The Venom gives a good support to the foot without wedging it. The skate is quite rigid on its down part and a bit more flexible on the upper part. The foot is well tightened in the boot. The upper part leaves a good freedom of movement and thus forgives technical mistakes. The cut of the boot is quite low and is not suitable for speed skating beginners. We would advise you to have had a couple of speed skates before trying the Venoms. The most expert skaters will find a skate with good response on pushes and accelerations.


Test : chaussure vitesse Powerslide Venom

The sizing corresponds to that of a sport shoe. We didn’t use ankle guards to protect the feet at first: No wound to declare but the feet heated up in the brand new shoes. No pressure point either. The tongue hurts a bit on the top of the foot at first, but after a quarter of an hour of skating, you forget about it, and it breaks in fast. You’re close from the “bucket seat” feeling. You can feel the padding a bit. Here again it conveys the feeling that the skate will respond to your requests.


There is no problem about the front-back flexing once the tongue is broken in.  Moreover the back is flared enough to convey a good freedom in lunge if you like to play punishers on the finish line. On the sides, even if the boot is low cut, the foot is well supported and not loose, which is a good point if you set up the Venom with a high configuration 4x110mm-type.


Powerslides offers a product with very clean finishing as for the seaming and gluing. The manufacturing processes of the carbon sole are perfectly mastered: there is no trace of bubbles or residue to deplore. The brand pays great attention to detail, which is proved by the seams, the adjustable micrometric buckles and the leather part wedging the micrometric fastening.

Test : chaussure vitesse Powerslide Venom


The Venom skates are rigid skates with quite a low cut. They are destined to experienced speed skaters. The support is good and the skate is reactive. The comfort is correct for a speed skate even if Powerslide seems to give priority to performance. The Venom is totally usable in competitions.

Test : chaussure vitesse Powerslide Venom

Strong points and points to improve

+ Good support of the boot
+ Quality of the finishing
+ Rigidity

- Mobile screw threads
- Bad sliding of the laces
- Fragile laces

Technical characteristics

Brand : Powerslide
Produc: Venom
Carbon - Hollow Tube TechnologyTM – SHMR TechnologyTM totally heatmouldable
Upper: Microfiber and synthetic leather
Fastening: Universal Flap System, Powerstrap
Liner: hydrophobe Waterdrop
Sizing: 37 to 46 (in white from 35)
Public price: 349€

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By Alfathor
translated by Chloé Seyres
Photos: Alfathor 
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