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Winterclash 2011 : Back to basics

Winterclash 2011 : Back to basics

For its 7th edition, the Winterclash returns to Area 51 in Eindhoven as in 2009. It is the biggest skatepark covered with Europe with a floor surface of more than 3,000 m ². Check out this event...


Quite wooden, we find a magnificent bowl, a mini banister, lots of curbs and some rails. For the occasion, the organization settled 4 additional spots Ignition: from left to right, a curb length in set square of more than 1 m of height in the middle, a rail in front of curb rainbow then a pyramid was put on the table to the right and finally a coping was settled on the wall.

Thursday, February 10th

Arrived at the skatepark, the riders come from everywhere in the world take their marks. A totem in colors of the brand Rollerblade took place on the quarter above the entrance of the Area 51. Sven Boekhorst already rubs himself there. After some aborted attempts, he brings in a magnificent fishbrain grab at the very top. The tone is given! Other riders such as Guillaume Legentil, Nils Jansons and Warren Digne distance themselves. All this augur the best for the competition which starts the next day.

Friday, February 11th

Area 51 opens at 12 am but not enough people got up. The AM qualifications start only at 3 pm, what leaves them the time to train. Some pros as Mr Chaz Sands show us his gift, a true sunnyday on the set square and Romain Godenaire who puts on the totem Rollerblade a makio grab. The training continues, everybody is warm and looks forward to the beginning of the competition.
It is at 6 pm when their wish is fulfillled. hundred AM are distributed in the run in 15 hens. 4 hours of qualifications where numerous riders distinguished themselves. Anthony Pottier brings in an attractive fishbrain on the pyramid. In the 2nd hen, Rob Pruett darkens all the riders when he delivers an top acid on the balcony and go out by jumping on the curve of the quarter. After that, the spectators are excited and wait for the next risk-taking. The hens are linked. Nicolas Schopfer proposes a soul to true spin mizu on the pyramid. We find the riders who made sensation the day before, Nils Jansons and Guillaume Legentil. We waited for Jeremy Suarez or Adrien Clairaz but they benefit from a wild card which qualify them directly for the semi-finals.
At 10 pm, Last Man Standing can begin. It is the first one in Winterclash, the purpose is to bring down the riders one after the other and the last one to stand win. Romain Godenaire, Stéphane de Freitas and a Dutch are the best. The tension is for its height and tipsy spectators and probably stones join forces against Romain Godenaire. And one of them sends a skateboard on him, whom it just avoids. The fight which results from it finishes the small competition. The day ends in this very despicable note.

Saturday, February 12th

The accumulated delay the day before allowed the girls to begin the competition on Saturdays early in the afternoon. Japanese Chihiro Azuma, winner of the last Chaz Sands Invitational, came to win, quite as the American Fallon Hefferman. We find them from the first hen of the qualifications with Mathilde Monneron and Manon Derrien. There is a lot of tricks! Between the royal back to top soul of Chihiro, 270 sweatstance of Manon on the quarter and the top soul of Fallon on the rail, we do not know any more where looking at . Mathilde more fond of curves did not find what she is looking for on this square park. The second hen is cooler, only the spanish Maria Munoz stands out with a magnificent top soul to soul on the pyramid. The third hen misses boost but Dutch Olga Bouwhuis distinguishes herself thanks to the back savannah on the curb.
Then, the competition takes a new dimension together with the AMs in semi- finals. Around thirty amateurs are in confrontation in any user-friendliness. Anthony Pottier impresses of entrance by delivering a top soul then a fishbrain grab on the helm of the totem Rollerblade. He carries away the swiss Nicolas Schopfer who props up a royal back at the top of the totem then a top soul. We are waiting a real show. Guillaume Legentil brings us a soul top spin true on the composed triangle and a fakie royal 270 on the rail. Whereas Maxime Lopez launches a true spin top soul to back royal on the rail as well as a back backslide on the rainbow. As usual, Jeremy Suarez makes the show. In full speed, he tries repeatedly to disaster mistrial on the pyramid unsuccessfully. On the other hand, he manages to prop up a soul on the curb ignition, little used by the other riders. Nils Jansons, taken by the atmosphere, throws a disaster true spin sunnyday on the pyramid which electrifies the public.

Finale Girls

After promising qualifications, the girls are ready to shred the Area 51. Fallon Hefferman begins with a wall tap on the totem then she chains without any trouble the rail in top acid. She launches a magnificent top soul on all the length of the set square. Chihiro Azuma is not outdone because she props up a very clean royal back there. A starting up in whirlwind which does not escape her. She puts a true spin mizu on the triangle and alley oop soul to fantastic soul on the coping of the quarter. Her true mistrial on the set square puts everybody all right. Spanish Maria counter-attack with a top soul always on the set square. She masters the rail in top soul then alley oop soul. It is a real delight! Manon Derrien and Olga Bouwhuis have, as for them, of the evil to be crossed after theirs runs. Without surprise the japanese Chihiro Azuma wins the competition, Fallon ends in second place and it is surprising Maria Munoz who swipes the third place.

Final AM

5 riders qualified themselves for this final which looks spectacular! Anthony Pottier delivers a disaster true king grind on the pyramid inspired then one a royal back to alley oop soul on the set square. Whereas Guillaume Legentil puts it a backside backslide and a back savannah before putting one 360 top soul on the triangle. Nicolas Schopfer throws an alley oop fishbrain then a magnificent top soul on the wall curb. Maxime Lopez is a little exceeded but brings an attractive 360 royal back on the rail. Nils Jansons distinguishes himself thanks to 450 fishbrain rocket on the pyramid, but also by a stylish disaster true sunnyday. Anthony Pottier fires Area 51 when he props up a fishbrain on the top of the totem Rollerblade which Nicolas Schopfer will not manage to bring in. The quality of Anthony Pottier's run will be right of his opponents. His dolphin Guillaume Legentil openly deserved his second place and it is Nils Jansons who ends in the third position.

Pros : qualifications

The qualifications of the pro riders begin at the evening, but the spectators are eager to see a spectacular entertainment and they are going to be served. 5 hens of 5 pros riders scroll and it is a firework. Every hen lasts half an hour what leaves them the time to release Montre Livingstone, who show us the new shima skate manufacturing, sells us dream: fakie 540 on the table, soul on the wall curb and true pornstar on the curb. The third hen is downright impressive. The only one Roman Abrate and Dominic Wagner try to make lines in spite of the world agglutinated on the park. Roman launches a disaster back savannah on the pyramid. Dominic Wagner throws to disaster backside backslide on the triangle. Of the beautiful showwhich continues with Brian Aragon who brings a 900 on the table and Mathias Silhan who makes drunk the public with 540 mute. Brian Shima indulged himself by participating in the qualifications. The last hen remains powerful with the Dutch Sven Boekhorst celebrated by Miguel, the announcer. He brings in a disaster true sunnyday on the pyramid and his fishbrain propped up on the totem two days before. Finale will be as high as our expectations.

Pros : finale

The evening is begun well and the spectators take heights eyes. Sven Boekhorst qualified for finale left which leaves the open field with 4 pros riders in the run. Roman Abrate distinguishes himself very fast with a multitude of tricks of which one 360 back savannah on the curb and a true spin mizu on the pyramid. Mathias Silhan puts the high helm with a hallucinating backside to alleyoop fishbrain to front fulltork to makio. On the pyramid, Brian Aragon puts a disaster true spin fishbrain and 360 top soul. The tricks are linked and we are dazzled by the level that pros offers us. It is without counting on Dominic Wagner who impresses by his speed and the cleanliness of its style. He walks literally in the park short of transfers and 720. He delivers us on the set square a backside backslide and a beautiful fishbrain rocket. The podium of this Winterclash 2011 is impressive. Brian Aragon offers the third place, Roman Abrate ends second and it is the german Dominic Wagner who wins the competition.

This year, Winterclash was as high as all the expectations. Jojo Jacobi led once again in a masterly fashion the organization in spite of the accumulated delay. A 7th edition which heralds a beautiful future in this competition become major. All the brands and pro riders moved even if they do not have all participate, they showed themselves and made us dream. Wonderful! See you the next year!


Main results


1) Dominik Wagner
2) Roman Abrate
3) Brian Aragon


1) Anthony Pottier
2) Guillame Le Gentil
3) Nils Jansons


1) Chihiro Azuma
2) Fallon Heffernan
3) Mery Munoz




Text : Marie-Dominique Beau aka Lapichu
Photos : Bobor
Video: Delvar
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