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Test : Seba Freeskate gloves

Test : Seba Freeskate gloves

The firm widens its panel year by year. From one single key-skate, the Seba High, the brand proposes today complete ranges of skates, but also of protective gear. We managed to get a pair of freeskate gloves with changeable palm protection. Test...



Seba proposes gloves protecting both your wrists and the palm of your hands. The protection goes from the forearm down to the second phalanx of your fingers, just like fingerless mitts. The wrist is protected by a bar efficiently wedged, while the palm of the hand is sheltered behind a thick detachable part in the shape of an X. On the outside part of the hand, Seba added a Kevlar piece in order to protect from frictions.

The inside part of the glove is made of imitation leather – nubuck like, and the upper side is made of air-mesh fabric and terry cloth. There is a ring of fabric in-between the middle and the ring fingers ton enable to take off the glove easily. A large strap of leather winds onto the wrist.


Once you’ve sipped your hand in the glove, you just have to wind the leather strap onto your wrist for the protection to be tightened. They are easy to put on and fit well (provided that you’ve chosen the good size of course).


You feel comfortable on the whole, and there is no pressure point or annoying crease. You can feel a bit both the plastic bar in the palm of your hand and the protective part: more padding in-between the palm and the X-part would have been welcomed.

Wear and tear

The design was well-thought: most of the time with wear and tear, the housing of the plastic bar deteriorates and it goes off at inopportune moments. Here, even if the fabric rips, the strap around the wrist will still hold the protective bar, and at the other end the bar is blocked by the X-part. Then don’t worry! Once worn out, the X-part can be replaced as it is detachable.


Truthful to its reputation, Seba offers a finished product: the seams are perfect and the pieces are well assembled. Let’s note a few traces of glue on the plastic X-part protecting the palm of the hand, but it’s far from being disastrous!


Most of the time, we usually keep a certain distance when we see a new wrist protection with a bar, fearing it will take a powder. But this time, Seba solved the problem in wrapping it under the strap and the X-part. We like the finishing of this model, as well as its comfort and its polyvalence. It will suit perfectly for freeskating, aggressive skating and street skating. But it is too bulky for speed skating. A nice product at an affordable price (24.90€) and with a long life guaranteed.


Technical facts

Brand: Seba
Model: Freeskate gloves
Sizes: S to XL
Pubilc price: 24.90€
Advised use: street skating, free skating, aggressive skating

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