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Test: Bont Wheels - G3 110 mm 84A

Test: Bont Wheels - G3 110 mm 84A

Bont launched its G3 wheel a few years ago. This versatile model dedicated to speed-skating is used in many standard skates of the Australian brand. We tested the 110mm 84A version for you ...


A safe bet

Test de la roue de vitesse Bont G3The G3 Urethane (Generation 3) was developped and born 6 or 7 years ago. The chemical formula of the polyurethane used by Bont was created in the mid 2000s. This material was used to manufacture the wheels of the professional team. First good point: this model is produced in the United States of America.

Because this wheels equips many standard rollerskates, Bont has managed to significantly reduce production costs and therefore offers an attractive price of $ 8.50, which is really low for a 110mm wheel. If you compare with the rates of the other brands, their prices generally range between 10 and 18 € each.


The Bont G3 is equipped with a white 70mm core with 8 concave spokes. The spokes are slightly hollowed in the center to ease flexion and bring a little more flexibility. This kind of setup improves the grip in corners and on the tracks : A larger area of polyurethane remains in contact with the ground..

The on-white core is quite generous, the G3 has a lot of polyurethane, this increases the comfort and inertia at the expense of rigidity. The silkscreen print is fairly simple with some lines of decoration, it also displays the main characteristics of the wheel: diameter, hardness...

Anecdotally, Bont kept the structure of the G3 on the new Bont G4.

With a weight of 148 grams, the Bont G3 are positioned in the high average (compared with the other wheels available on the market).


When you drop a wheel from a certain height, it bounces back quickly at a right height. It means that the wheel renders the energy well, good point!

Mounting: easy

The insertion of the bearings is easy. They go without forcing and tight fit. Perfect.

Grip: quite good indeed!

After skating for several months with MPC Road War black, we felt a real gain of grip using the Bont G3. The polyurethane used on the G3 is more soft: The G3 is given to 84A hardness halfway between fitness and speed-skating hardness. Henceforth, most of speed/race wheels are flirting with a 86A hardness.

In urban use, the G3 gives confidence when you push on the ground, it grips well on smooth surfaces such as marble. The G3 loses a little grip on the dusty surfaces, like many wheels. On the humidity, the grip is still correct.

Test de la roue de vitesse Bont G3


The on-core is eroding steadily, we have found no cracks or torn material. 


The finish can be improved on some aspects, particularly the bond between the core and the on-core: there is some excess material. However, polyurethane is smooth with no bubbles. Pretty good overall ...

Full scale test

Once the wheels are mounted, let's go for a full scale test! First sensation: the grip is there and just about anywhere, even on the dusty marble in Downtown Montpellier. The flexible core combined with a good grip facilitate the lean of angle in the corners. Thus, the wheel might be interesting for the indoor and the track. However, on the long straights lines and accelerations, we find it a little winded. It takes a little time to take action. Rolling is good without being exceptional.


The Bont G3 lacks a bit of rolling in comparison with competition wheels such as Matter Juice or MPC Road War... By cons, it offers a good grip on various surfaces, which may be safe for regular use. It is also much more cheaper. The Bont G3 prefers sinuous paths to long straights. The Bont G3 may thus be an interesting compromise for long distance and for a regular practice of race. 

Test de la roue de vitesse Bont G3

Data sheet

Brand: Bont
Model: G3
Year: 2005/2006 ? 
Made in: USA
Diameters available: 100 and 110 mm
Hardness: 84A
Weight: 148 grams
Price: 8,50$ 
Recommended use: versatile practice: speed-skating, fitness and long distance.

Strenghs anf points to improve


+ Attractive price
+ Good rolling
+ Even wear
+ Good grip


+ Relative high weight
+ A little sluggish in accelerations and straight lines

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By Alfathor
Photos: Bont and Alfathor
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