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Review: DVD charging

Review: DVD charging

It's alway with a great pleasure that we receives the last roller's DVDs. This time CLIC-N-ROLL proposes us the Charging video. A dvd produced byt Adam Johnson et directed mainly by Sean Kelso. Charging is a tour dvd, from Philly to LA and Kansas city. Follow the guide...



Couverture DVD ChargingCharging regroups almost every roller's brands, from Conference to Valo and Vibralux or Razors. We are following a little group of unknown skaters and some others more famous such as Sean kelso, Chris Farmer, John Bolino, Brian Freeman, Alex Broskow, Billy O'Neill and Don Bambrick.

A group which has in common to be original in the skating and in the choice of their spots. Even if every skaters have their own style, it's rare to see all of them skating together.

First stop

However it's the case at the end of their first stop, a concrete spot, bank to ledge, where they drop amazing 360 to grind. We can see for the first time Chris Farmer getting mad while he's destroying his skates when he does not realize the tricks.

Second stop

A 360 makio to back tork from Sean Kelso gives an idea of the level during this new stop. Alex Broskow joins the action and gives us very unusual and beautiful lines while Billy O'Neil enters the game with a wall to gap perfectly landed.

A Few locals are highlighted. It's a flood of tricks with a good rock'n'roll music.

Minneapolis (MI)

In Minneapolis, we meet Brian Freeman who's skating full speed while Michael Garlinghouse shows more his different helmets instead of skating... but he tries to stay creative with a nice sweatstance on a rail's base.

Milwaukee (WI)

Milwaukee: with all these little nice spots where the riders are having fun. Chicago proposes much more lines and the skaters surely rested. They start to be creative again. Don Bambrick arrives. He presents his new skates with a political figure saying : "you's fired", as an omen to his leaving from Razors. Farmer hurt himself quite badly on a rail with a soul to true soul to ledge. A few tricks from Montre Livingstone and Chris Haffey made the things even nicer.

Denver (CO)

In Denver, Billy O'Neill offers us a very nice zero spin fish and zero spin sunnyday. A small stop at Las Vegas in a warm source where the riders rests and relax. The video shows us the Don Bambrick part's which should have been in the "Game Theory" video. The front full cess slide to reach the edge with a top soul shows us his technical skills. That's an heavy loss for Game Theory because this part is very good.

Los Angeles (CA)

LA is full of beautifull spots where JC Rowe, Jeff Stockwell and Chris Haffey  reveal their skills. On the other hand, Chris Farmer is still destroying his skates. The zero spin back tork from Billy O’Neill and the half cab top soul from John Bolino show their skills.

Oakland is where the Valo team's shows an inpressive level from rookies to pros. Don Bambrick has already changed of brand after LA. In Kansas City, Chris Farmer finally lands his impossible grinds like sean kelso told us. He begins with a very high true makio followed by a soul up to soul to soul on a down ledge. Billy O'Neil lands a pud slide which is pretty rare. The video ends with a flood of grinds from every skaters, simply brilliant.


A tour DVD with a lot of lifestyle. Even if the riders are great, it's mainly the spots that give a rythm to the video. Every single rider shows everything he has inside of him, a bit to much for some of them. We do like the video and the way it's directed. The only drawback is that some of the lifestyle is a bit too long, like Farmer getting mad. A DVD that you must see, even if it's only to have new idea about the way to see a spot...


Charging Trailer-Unreleased from sean kelso on Vimeo.

CHARG!NG TRAILER from dmitry kotsar on Vimeo.

Fiche technique

Name: Charg!ng
With: Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Billy O'Neill, Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell, Jon Bolino, Sean Kelso, Michael Garlinghouse, Brian Freeman, Michael Collins, PJ Piencak, Don Bambrick and more!
Edited by: Adam Johnson and Sean Kelso
Price : 24,95 Euros


DVD Charging on Clic N Roll

Text: bobor and Lapichu
Photos: Razors
Thanks to Clic N Roll
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