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Test : 3PF 4x110mm Bont Frames

Test : 3PF 4x110mm Bont Frames

The Australian brand has been leading its own technological revolution for several months, proposing a new frame model compatible with 2 or 3 points, the 3PF Bont Frame. Available in 4x110mm and 4x100mm, it could enable Bont to increase its market share. Test of a model that has lots of trump cards...


Test de la nouvelle platine Bont 3PF 3 pointsDissection

Bont has been using the 3 point frame concept for several years already. Indeed, it is the only brand to be present on this niche market. The downside however is that the brand has cut itself off one part of the market which could have potentially bought its products. The Australian brand has thus revised its copy in proposing a new 3 point frame model. Warning: contrarily to the previous models, the heights of the front and back bridges are now “standard”. Before, on all the 3 point Bont models, all the bridges were at the same level. This means that if you want to get this new frame and if you have a Bont boot, you’ll also have to replace the boot!

Test de la nouvelle platine Bont 3PF 3 pointsThe 3PF

3PF = 3 Point Frame. This concept aims at reducing the loss of energy due to the bending of the boot during the push. This model is made of 7075-T5 aluminum, it is thus very rigid. It would have undergone a simulation of 200 days of stress test to reduce the risks of damage due to wear and tear.


As soon as your eyes meet the frame, you realize the huge work that has been done on its design. It conveys the feeling that there isn’t a single superfluous bit of metal. Everything that could be taken off, has actually been taken off.

The 3PF has numerous curved lines which show that besides extrusion, reamers have carved from the block. This process, more expansive and longer, enables to get shapes that would be impossible with extrusion, as well as a better rigidity. The design mingles complexity and modernity. You cannot mistake it with any other frame on the market. Let’s note here that this tendency seems to spread to other manufacturers, Powerslide doing the same with the Icon Frame.

Test de la nouvelle platine Bont 3PF 3 points


At the time of the test, we have skated successively with a 3PF 4x110mm Bont Frame and a Triple X 3x100mm 1x100mm Powerslide Frame. Whereas you have the feeling of being on a rail with the Triple X, the 3PF is more flexible at both ends and thus easier to handle. It is more pleasant to skate with it. And you stick better to the ground during the turns.


The beast unveils generous measurements with a length of 13’2 inches. And yet there is only one or two millimeters left in-between the wheels. Once the frame is fixed on the boot, you realize that it’s been designed to be the lowest as possible. Here again, there is no loss of space. For a 4x100mm it is thus relatively low and doesn’t stimulate the ankles too much, an apprehension you can have when you are small or thin! The back bridge is at 59.5mm and the front bridge at 48.5mm from the ground.

Weighing 188g on our scales, the 3PF is one of the lightest 4x110mm aluminum frames on the market (not including carbon models).


After having suffered a couple of setbacks three years ago in trying 4x110mm frames, the Bont 3PF frame reconciled us a bit with this diameter, which is usually for hefty and powerful/tonic skaters. Long but still low and easy to handle, it is a pleasure to skate with it. It will be preferably used in 2 points for track skating, or in 3 point for more reactivity during marathons. It is so light that you forget you have it under your boot. A very good product which should take a significant place on the market…

Test de la nouvelle platine Bont 3PF 3 points

Technical characteristics

Brand: Bont
Model: 3PF
Axle spread: 195mm
Aluminum : 7075 - T5
Length: 12'8 inches in 4x100mm or 13'2 inches in 4x110mm
Back bridge : at 59.5mm
Front bridge : at 48.5mm
Axles : standard simple 7075 - T6
Made in: Taïwan
Weight: 188 to 190g
Retail price: $349

Test de la nouvelle platine Bont 3PF 3 points

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Light
+ Easy to handle
+ Low
+ Adaptable in 2 or 3 points


- Price
- You’ll have to change your 3 point Bont boot

Useful Links

Presentation of the 3PF frame on Bont’s Website

By Alfathor
Translation by Close Yr E’s
Photos : Alfathor
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