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Taïg Khris sets a new world record in Paris

Taïg Khris sets a new world record in Paris

After a jump from the first floor of the Tower Effeil in 2011, Taig Khris comes back this year in Montmartre for an attempt of long jump word record above the roofs of Paris! An impressive barnum for this M6 Mobile Mega Jump. Video...


“Sur les toits de Paris...”

He was flying in the air over Paris! Taïg Khris set a new world record with a 29m-long-mega-jump from the Sacré-Coeur, in Montmartre, on the 2nd of July. In front of thousands of fans, the Medias and his family, Taïg took a few seconds for concentration before flying. He first went with the maximum of speed on a 150m-long-ramp before achieving a 29m-long-jump. Taïg beat the former record with his jump, 5m longer...

The Sacré-Coeur was not a second choice at all: it is the highest place of Paris. Taïg wanted to achieve the longest jump, but also a panoramic performance. When you look at the mega jump video, you can see the super star as if he was flying in the air above the capital city of France. As we say in French: “sur les toits de Paris...” which is “on the roofs of Paris” in English, a very popular song!

This new world record is the achievement of months of preparation, including physics, stability exercises, trajectories studies, running sessions and, of course, roller skating! Taïg prepared himself at the INSEP, the National Institute for sport and physical education, near Paris. It was not easy at all: after many calculations, the engineers explained to Taïg that, with a 40km/h speed, he would have been too short, and with a 50km/h speed, he would have been too fast! The wind was also to be considered...

The 29m-long jump is the conclusion of a very fastidious year for Taïg Khirs, who participated in many TV shows in India or in South America, and at last wrote a book, “Courber le destin”. All in all, he became one of the most popular personalities in France: in 48hrs, 38 000 people saw the video of the mega jump on the Internet – which is more than any other football players for instance!


The video on DailyMotion

Written by Vincent Esnault
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