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Episode 5: The Danes (or rather Danish) at the European Championships

Episode 5: The Danes (or rather Danish) at the European Championships

The Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries (not including the two autonomous regions, Greenland and the Faroe Islands). It also represents (to Sweden, Slovenia and Liechtenstein) one of the three smallest delegations of the European Championships. Only one skater has completed the selection criteria this year: Hojer Mikkel Emil, a young Junior ...


Senin amina koyum ! Hello!

Championnat d'Europe : le patineur du Danemark

These criteria are tough...even Sara Bak-Briand, licensed in the club of Grenade-sur-Garonne in France, failed to fill them! One remember her impressive performances during the last national championships in France in Valence d'Agen on the 500-meter. She also shone earlier in the season by winning the International Grand Prix of Coulaine in France in June. She also got a podium at the first stage of the World Inline Cup (WIC) in Valencia (Spain). But it probably missed an international race to Sara to defend her chances in the Netherlands. She will certainly be able to defend her chances on the ice this time!

Theobjectives of Mikkel

Mikkel took the time to reveal us his objectives and share his feelings with us after the first long distances races on the road. "I do not parcipate to sprint races, I'm only skating on long distance races. On the track, I was disappointed, very disappointed. "
If Mikkel did not dare tell us more about his performance on the track, it's probably hard to digest his early exit in the points race and elimination race (23rd). It seems that this misclassification has even made him forget his 12th place finish at the 15km elimination. His goal is to reach the Top 10: he knows that he is able to do it... even if he lacks of success since the start of the European Championships 2011. What motivates him above all is "to have fun," he says with a grin. He wants to have fun, have no regret, to give the best. After all, he is the only Danish here, it must not disappoint his country and his federation. For the world championships, it is unclear if he will make the trip to Korea...

The means available to help Mikkel

Mikkel recognizes he receives a preferential treatment from his federation this year. Although the standard of living in Denmark is the highest in the world, in principle, all costs are borne by the skaters. But being the only skater selected in 2011, Mikkel has only to pay half of what other athletes should have payed if they had filled the selection criteria. Like what, it's not necessary in the most developed countries that skaters have the most means! Mikkel is also accompanied by a coach but no physiotherapist. As for his preparation for the "Europe", it was done solo, with his coach. "I had no training partners, it is not easy to train alone," admits Mikkel. Who would not? ... Especially as the European Championships, the athletes are tough and it is better to be agile in the pack!

In fact, Mikkel never had training partners and a little experience to skate in a pack. "In Denmark I am Senior, and we are only six to confront in the national championships in Denmark on track, on road, Indoor and on half marathon! "
The women in the senior category are only three! Roller skaters are actually quite rare in this country where there are only three road circuits and three tracks. Negotiations are underway to eventually merge the roller and ice skating federations. This would allow a pooling of resources support a greater development of our discipline. Holland is a model of success... to be continued!

When we asked to Mikkel if he wanted to share something with the readers of rollerenligne.com, this is what he told us with a beautiful Danish accent: "I love croissants! "

Le danois au championnat d'Europe 2011

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Written by Léa-Réguer-Petit
Translated by Alfathor
Photos : Daniel Busser
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