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Episode 7: The delegation of the Magyar country

Episode 7: The delegation of the Magyar country

Let's continue our tour of unrecognized delegations in the European inline speed-skating championship in 2011 with Hungary. Bence Dakany is native of Szeged in the south of Budapest. He evollves in Junior A category. He is lonely in the Hungarian delegation. He should have been accompanied by a senior A skater who has finally, at the last minute, decided not to come to the Netherlands...



La délégation hongroise aux championnats d'Europe 2011Is it not legitimate to ask where are the other Hungarian skaters?

"Sure, it's a good question, because we are between 300 and 400 skaters in Hungary. But the strongest are the youngest. Our medal hopes are in Junior B. And I'm in Junior A. .. I am the oldest to be eligible for selection! "Bence said. His generation seems promising for the future. We must therefore wait until these young skaters improve to shine in the Senior category.

The Top 10 was the objective of Bence on the track and on the road. And in Zwolle, although he has not achieved his goal, the young Hungarian has frankly approached his objectives by picking up a 12th place in the 20 km elimination race.

For these championships, Bence was still accompanied by two coaches, a physiotherapist and a Federal Commissioner. An impressive coaching staff for a single athlete! However, unfortunately this does not reflect a potential financial comfort of the federation since the federation does not support any financial charges. "Thank you Dad, thank you Mom," as Bence said, adding that he "still has a little help from his team, it helps my parents."

Indeed, Bence is one of 40 athletes, 20 girls and 20 boys, from Szaged Tornado Team. The largest team in the country... "And the best," he hastens to add. There are five or six similar teams in the country and two tracks (all in all) are available.

The young Hungarian prepared for these championships throughout the year by registering and participating in the European Cup. His preparation is quite similar that of Sweden's Helena Gustafsson (Editor's note: article on the Swedish delegation). In addition, Bence took the departure of other races in Italy and Germany. The objective was to participate in a dozen important races to gain the maximum experience. "In face, these races are a great workout for me, especially when we know that after all these races, there are European Championships: it's great! "

La délégation hongroise aux championnats d'EuropeThe Hungarian delegation in the European championships

Bence was so excited when he spoke of his participation in "Europe". He was looking forward and had the idea of skating with the best European skaters, to confront them again and again. "There are so many famous skaters, it's very exciting to be among them! "

When talking with Bence about the world Championships in South Korea, he only replied that he does not have any information about a possible participation. Last year, he skated in Guarne in the new category called "Junior B", he reached a 12th place. But this year, his first year of the Junior A, he does not think to defend his chances in Asia. But Bence is projected a little further and is already thinking about 2012 in Italy...

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Written by Léa Réguer-Petit
Translated by Alfathor
Photos: bildimpressionen.de
and daniel Busser

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