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New coaches: Jorge Botero continues his World Dream

New coaches: Jorge Botero continues his World Dream

He is one of the most iconic skaters of his era. Jorge Botero (Colombia) has seen it all: the glory of the World Championships and the victories over the marathon World Cup. He was a pioneer in the professionalization of the sport, since he belonged to the first pro teams on the circuit ...


Interview: Jorge Botero, coach of the national team

Jorge Botero, entraîneur de l'équipe nationale Belge

One understand why his meeting with the national team of Belgium was inevitable ...

Jorge Botero, entraîneur de l'équipe nationale Belge

"I coach the Belgians since the World Championships in Guarne in 2010. As it went well there, they asked me again for the European Championships and the upcoming World Championships in Yeosu (South Korea)."
It was a success! Over the races, Bart Swings entered the World Top 3. It was virtually impossible to beat him in the Netherlands ...
However, the influence of Jorge is "small" in the success of the Belgian: he moves only a few weeks per year for the international Championships.
"I have rather been chosen to improve the tactical work, share information in order to maximize the strategies," said Jorge.
The performances of the Colombian commands respect, definitely. At the time of Rollerblade, in the early 2000s, he skated the marathons all around the World. He met success. However, he did not get as many world titles as it sounds: just as Arnaud Gicquel, he fell on a bone known as Chad Hedrik! However, his resume explains why the Belgians have chosen Jorge as coach:
"they respect my career, my experience and my ideas. That's what I want to share and give back today."
Obviously it's a success, evidenced by the six titles accumulated by Bart Swings in Heerde and Zwolle!

In times of competition, Jorge takes a clear position...

Jorge Botero, coach of the Belgian national team:
"I tell my skaters what I notice from the outside of the track. But they also give me their impressions. It's more a dialogue, sharing ... "
When we ask him if he is proud of the achievements of his skaters, however, he puts a distance:
" It would be too selfish to say I am proud ... Let's say I am happy to share this opportunity with them! "
But Jorge is still a competitor at heart. He has not totally hung up his skates and, at the time of the break, we ften saw training with his former comrade of team, the New Zealanders Kalon Dobbin. And when the Seniors come on the start line of the races, what does he feel?
"Every time, it's like I was behind my skaters I have to admit that there is still an adrenaline ..."
With the Belgians, Jorge Botero continues to pursue his World dream...

Jorge Botero, entraîneur de l'équipe nationale Belge

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Written by Vincent Esnault
Translated by Alfathor
Photos: Vincent Esnault
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