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New coaches: Tristan converted to German

New coaches: Tristan converted to German

He is far from being a stranger in the universe of roller speed-skating. But in recent years, he also completed his resume by skating on the ice. Tristan Loy became coach of Germany early in the season ...


A backpacker ...

Tristan Loy, entraîneur de l'équipe d'Allemagne


Tristan Loy has become coach of Germany early in the season. He was previously the coach of a team which evolves in the pro circuit/ He was also one of the skaters of this team (Sport-XX).
He also coached Alexis Contin during the last Olympics in Vancouver. Today, he puts all his knowledge at the service of skaters. When one see the results of his skaters, it seems to work well!

"I was co-opted by Alain Nègre to continue the work of Arnaud Gicquel as coach of the German team," said Tristan Loy.

Tristan was born in Brittany (France). He has lived in Switzerland and in the Netherlands in the past. He will have to learn German very quickly. It should not be a problem to someone who reads the Dutch press, swallowing his coffee in the Hotel Mercure in Zwolle, where the Germanic selection was based!"My contract began in April. I will follow the athletes in the World Championships as well," he says. "This is a temporary mission, as the budget of the German is not very important ... "

The German team needed a coach because Arnaud Gicquel had resigned to take the direction of the national training center of Nantes (France). Arnaud helped the German athletes to reach the highest level in recent years. Tristan has arrived, strong of his Olympic experience, but already knowing that the Germanic selection has very strong basis.

"My initial attitude was not to change everything. I tried to adapt to their methods. I give my support, I assist them in the best possible conditions for the European and the world championships . "

Tristan Loy, entraîneur de l'équipe d'Allemagne

From this perspective, Tristan talk a lot with his athletes, trying to give them an outsider, to propose his ideas. But as he says himself, if his solutions does not suit them, they seek new solutions together. "For the american relays, for example, we have much dialogue about the trajectory to improve the relay ..."

Tristan has selected his skaters after various rounds of the European Cup and the German championships. He does not regret having lived the European Championships in the Netherlands with them: Indeed, Germany has finished third European nation with 26 medals including 9 gold, mainly due to Seniors Women Jana Gegner and Tina Struever!
He has practiced (and still practices) a lot of sports, lives fully the experience."I know exactly what to do in the race and out of the races to be stronger! " he says with a big smile.

"It's not necessarily obvious to follow a competition from the outside of the track. When my skaters fall, I stress, when they are in the final, I'm into it too ..."

But Tristan can do things in perspective. Already last year, he was often asked how he felt to coach Alexis Contin in Vancouver. Previously, he was competing against him for the Olympic selection ...

"At this time, I had put aside: I was completely in my role as coach. I made the transition smoothly and now I'm totally happy watching the races! "Tristan should be pleased in Yeosu, when his skaters will titillate world titles... But that's another story!


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Written by Vincent Esnault
Translated by Alfathor
Photos: Vincent Esnault
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