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World Championships: Feedback on the last day on the track

World Championships: Feedback on the last day on the track

The 3rd day of the 2011 World Championships was dedicated to the Junior 500m, Senior 1000m and the American races. Once again we could witness the endless fight between Asia and South America...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

American relays

relais senior hommes - championnat du monde 2011

Mens Senior relay

The French were part of the favorites for the American races. They stopped in semi-finals. Nicolas Pelloquin bumped with a relay skater and dashed into the barriers. Unlike the French and Americans, the Belgians managed to go through to the final. In Final, Columbia represented by Andres Munoz, managed to make the difference in the last lap, in front of New Zealander Kalon Dobbin. The Belgian team managed to take the 3rd place to the Koreans thanks to Bart Swing’s burst of speed. The Belgian prodigy used the same technique as for the European Championships: he only did the last two laps.

Womens Junior and Senior Relays: the Asia/South America fight goes on…

Just like in all the track races, Asia and Columbia held out on each other during the relays. In the Womens Juniors, only one tenth separated Columbia (1st) and South Korea. Germany managed to get the 3rd place.

In the Mens Juniors, same scenario but the other way around: Korea established itself in front of Columbia. Just like in the Womens Juniors, let’s note that China rises to power. The Chinese team ends up 3rd in front of the USA.

In the Womens Seniors, Taiwan gets the title in front of Columbia and the German team.

relais junior hommes - championnat du monde 2011

Junior 500m

After the Seniors 500m yesterday, give way to the Junior categories! The same scenario seems to repeat itself: In both Mens and Womens, Asia and South America confront each other. It would be interesting to understand why these countries meet such a success in junior categories…

In the Womens, Korean So Yeong Shin (KOR) establishes herself in front of Columbian Magda Garces (COL) and Taiwanese Kuan Yingjung (TPE). Another Korean and another Columbian stand at the foot of the podium. The first European, Laethisia Schimek (GER), takes the 6th place.

As for the Mens, Columbia imposes its supremacy in placing two skaters on the podium in front of two Koreans: Andres Campo (COL) is followed by his compatriot Juan Camilo Pérez (COL). Koreans Choi Bong Ju (KOR) and Do Bong Park (KOR) end up 3rd and 4th, two tenths behind. The first European is Italian Mirco Mezzalira with 41.741.

YEOSU 2011 - PS VideoLog 09 - Men 1k race from Powerslide TV on Vimeo.

Mens Senior 1000m

The race starts at a moderate speed. Columbian Andrez Munoz (COL) is leading, followed by Scott Arligde (NZL) and Elton de Souza (FRA). Pedro Causil (COL) is not far behind. Munoz lets Causil enter and helps him pass Arligde. Taiwanese Tang Sung Chin catches up, as well as Argentinean Capellano who passes French Elton de Souza.

At the arrival, Pedro Causil (COL) wins with one tenth ahead of Scott Arligde (NZL) who was aiming for the title. Taiwanese Lin Lo Wei (TPE) completes the podium.

Womens Senior 1000m

Kelly Martinez seemed to be rushing towards the title but she fell, dragging down with her her compatriot Jercy Puello, Chinese Guo Dan and Taiwanese Yan Hochen. Argentineans Estefania Fasinato and Melisa Bonnet made the most of the situation and win gold and silver. Yi Seul Aun takes the 3rd place.

Summary of the track races

Tomorrow is rest day. No doubt that a lot of athletes will make the most in going and checking the road circuit. For the moment, South Korea is still leading the ranking with 10 gold medals, in front of Columbia (9 medals) and Chinese Taipei (only 2 medals).

500 m junior ladies - championnat du monde 2011

Main Results

500 m junior women

1) So Yeong Shin (KOR)
2) Magda Garces (COL)
3) Kuan Yingjung (TPE)
4) Jung Eun An (KOR)
5) Stefania Hurtado (COL) - 45.698
6) Laethisia Schimek (GER) - 46.153
7) Katharina Rumpus (GER) - 46.215
8) Solymar Vivas (VEN) - 46.315
9) Jingwen Du (CHN) - 46.078
10) Xingzi Li (CHN) - 46.771

500 m junior men

1) Andres Campo (COL) - 41.552
2) Juan Camilo Pérez (COL) - 41.626
3) Choi Bong Ju (KOR) - 41.664
4) Do Bong Park (KOR) - 41.770
5) Chao Tsucheng (TPE) - 41.259
6) Mirco Mezzalira (ITA) - 41.741
7) Breiner Flores (VEN) - 41.417
8) Emanuelle Silva (CHI) - 43.114
9) Darren De Souza (FRA) - 42.142
10) Benjamin Pierre-Jean (FRA) - 42.479

1000 m senior women

1) Estefania Fasinato (ARG) - 1.35.442
2) Melisa Bonnet (ARG) - 1.35.742
3) Yi Seul Aun (KOR) - 1.35.745
4) Angeline Thomas (AUS) - 1.36.302
5) Yang Hochen (TPE) - 1.49.202
6) Dan Guo (CHN) - S/T - disqualified
7) Jercy Puello (COL) - S/T - disqualified
8) Kelly Martínez (COL) - S/T - disqualified
9) Jin Seon Lim (KOR) - 1.31.758
10) Huang Yuting (TPE) - 1.31.803

1000 m senior men

1) Pedro Causil (COL) - 1.22.050
2) Scott Arlidge (NZL) - 1.22.158
3) Lin Lo Wei (TPE) - 1.22.318
4) Ezequiel Capellano (ARG) - 1.23.172
5) Yang Sung Ching (TPE) - 1.23.260
6) Elton de Souza (FRA) - 1.23.611
7) Gwang Ho Choi (KOR) - 1.23.753
8) Andres Muñoz (COL) - 1.23.851
9) Bart Swings (BEL) - 1.22.702
10) Yoo Jong Nam (KOR) - 1.22.793

3000m american relay - junior women

1) Colombia - 4.17.590
2) South Korea - 4.17.739
3) Germany - 4.25.326
4) USA - 4.27.824
5) China - 4.27.840
6) China (Taipei) - disqualified

3000m american relay - junior men

1) South Korea - 4.07.571
2) Colombia - 4.08.274
3) China (Taipei) - 4.08.384
4) USA - 4.08.709
5) Italia - 4.09.585
6) Chile - disqualified

3000m american relay - senior women

1) China (Tapei)
2) Colombia
3) Germany
4) Argentina
5) China
6) South Korea

3000m american relay - senior men

1) Colombia
2) New-Zealand
3) Belgium
4) South Korea
5) Argentina
6) China (Tapei)

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Written by Alfathor
Translated by Close Yr E’s
Pictures: Daniel Busser
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