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Test: Seba Nano Socks

Test: Seba Nano Socks

It’s not always easy to find a good pair of socks for skating. In general, except from the Decathlon products, there is no real alternative amongst the big brands. This year, Seba launches a model of socks which deserves a closer look: the Nano socks…



Chaussettes Seba 2011It had been a while that we were looking for a new model of skating socks which would not look like hiking socks.

Most of the time, when you want to equip yourself in specialized department stores, you only find thick models which are not actually anatomically designed.


The Seba Nano sock has support pieces on usual wear and tear zones. They are thicker where friction is more frequent:

  • a piece on the shin (red and grey on the front)
  • a piece at the bottom of the calves
  • the heel and the outside part of the foot
  • the front of the foot

Two models are on the market: the black/red and the red/grey/white

Let’s note that the manufacturer made de difference between right and left foot (L for Left and R for Right).


The Nano socks are very pleasant to the touch, unlike the Decathlon ones which feel more like mountain socks.

The thinness of the fabric makes you think you are wearing ‘normal’ socks. You feel your skates better, and you don’t have the sensation of having a big mattress separating your foot from your skate.

The support pieces are at the good places and are not too thick, so that you forget about them. They are nevertheless efficient enough to soften the pressure points.

A little criticism though:

  • They are relatively warm (but still less than the specialized stores’ models)
  • The price is a bit high: 14.90€ compared to 7€ for ‘rival’ models… but it is still reasonable for a good pair of socks. Ten years ago already, the Rollerblade socks were sold at that same price. In order to compare, in cycling, some models of technical socks reach 39€!

Chaussettes Seba 2011

Wear and tear

Let’s see if they don’t pill after several washings. So far, after 4 washings, they still hold the distance!


Just as usual, Seba shows a good finished product, the Nano socks, which managed to fix the defects of the rival models, i.e. a thickness preventing you from having a good touch of your skate, as well as creases and a lack of precision around the foot. The Nano socks can be used for street skating, slalom or freeskating, and can prove to be very useful on long distances where feet are put to a severe test...

Chaussettes Seba 2011

Strong points and points to improve

Les plus

+ Comfort
+ Thinness which improves the touch
+ Support pieces judiciously placed
+ Difference between Left and Right

Les moins

- Price!

Technical details

69% polyamide – Nylon
24% Polyamide Skinlige
5% Polyamide Nanoglide
2% Elastane

Available sizes :
Black : 35-38, 39-42, 43-45, 46-48
White : 31-34, 35-38, 39-42

Difference between Right and Left foot
Public Price: 14.90€
Rival products: Skating socks at Decathlon and other specialised department stores…

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By Alfathor
Translation by Close Yr E’s
Photos: Seba
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