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Overview: Rollerblade lines 2012

Overview: Rollerblade lines 2012

In september/october, the representatives of the major brands of roller-skating visits the specialized shops to present the new products that will arrive on the market in 2012. Some new references but also a lot of skates that already existed and have been redesigned. We start with Rollerblade ...



We will not do a detailed tour of Rollerblade products for 2012, we will mostly focus on the references that have evolved.

Urban skates

Not surprisingly, Rollerblade extends the Twister and its variants, the RB90 and the RB 100. This mythical skate has not really changed over recent years. The colors remain the same for men and women references. We noticed the arrival of large diameters wheels in urban skates with RB 100 that provides a 3x100 and 1x90mm mounting.
The Phuzion line is more dedicated to freeride skating. It offers shells with larger soulplates. The Urban frame host 4x80mm ou 4x84mm wheels depending on the reference. The Fusion 84 GM (for Green material ?) is made with sustaindable parts..


Nothing new on the market! RB renewed its flagship: the RaceMachine 110, same color, same product...

Long distances products, a very few changes

Once again, Rollerblade renewed The products of last year: the Tempest 100 and 110. The main change was made on the frame and wheels.
In 2010, the Tempest 100 were equipped with two wheels 110 mm (back and front) and 100 mm 2 wheels in the center. This year, the oldest brand of the market reduced the diameter! The tempest 100 has now a 3x100mm and 1x90mm setup. Those who had bought the previous version therefore have collectors! Rollerblade still not added a micrometric buckle in place of the strap on the instep.
The 2012 version of the Tempest 110 is equipped with 3x110mm and 1x100mm wheels. The design has been reworked. The Tempest still have a fiber structure.
RB has also renewed the Tempest 90 men and women.

Fitness skating: a new reference and several extensions

We won't spend hours to detail the Crossfire and Activa lines. Both are still present on the market in 2012 with 100mm and 90 mm references, such as the Spark in small diameter products (80 or 84mm skates).
New skates make their appearance, the Igniter 90 XT. In fact, they substantially correspond to the old Crossfire XT. They are equipped with the True Wrap closure sytem that wraps the foot.

Junior products: one do not change a winning team

The Spitfire comes back in 2012. This skate is equipped with an Aluminum frame and 76 mm wheels, something quite rare in junior lines. The boot is expandable in 4 sizes. The other variants of the Spitfire have a plastic frame and 72 mm wheels.
We always appreciate the fact that Rollerblade proposes some of junior skates with a set of protective gears ( Spitfire Combo).

Street / aggressive skates: safe bets

Last year, Rollerblade made its revolution by releasing innovative designs for its aggresive products: largers wheel diameters (60mm). The boots widely inspired by freeride products.
Thus, we find the Solo Estilo SB (Sven nBoekhorst) again, made of organic material. The Solo Estilo Rob Guerrero is the one that most caught our attention. It is equipped with a removable liner and very well finished, suitable for walking. You can have fun and decorate it by yourself. Then you can to see your artwork through the semi-transparent shell. One can also imagine many customs for freeride from that shell.
The Black Widow solo completes the line. It has a strange black shoe called TRS "Blank" (white) ...

Gammes RB 2012The Trooper Solo is a new product with a wide groove and anti-rockers. It should be interesting for street skating if you do not mind dirtying his immaculate white boot.
Another new model should be available soon. It is called NJ3. It furiously looks like the old "TRS" lines.

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