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Overview: Fila products 2012

Overview: Fila products 2012

We are now focusing the spotlights on Fila. No major innovations either in the red and white products... However, the Fila skates are rather well produced, especially long distance products. Overview of Fila line 2012 ...



Fila Matrix 2012Speed-skating skates: Hello F110!

Fila unveiled a unisex model for 2012: the F110. Speed is not a growth market for Fila. The red and white brand focuses more on the long distance skates such as Nine 100, Nine 90, M100... Specialists will notice that the frame is not well centered: the rear wheel is really far from the heel! It would be better to change the position of the boot or use an along oblong instead of an acrros oblong...
Note the presence of Hyper Race wheels. A standard for this product, but they are not very well manufactured ... However, the 4x110mm frame seems stiff and strong. Public price: 499 €.

Fila M110 édition 2012

Fila Nine 90 édition 2012

Vitness skates: strong values

We begin this presentation with the flagship of brand, the famous M100. It disappeared from the traffic in favor of the M110!

This beautiful baby is proposed with the same frame as the Matrix: 4 large Hyper wheels of 110 mm 85A hardness.
By cons, there is certainly a congenital defect in the family, the frame is not well centered under the boot (again).
Apart from this, we tried the skate in a shop when Fila presented it to us. This skate offers a good support while allowing good freedom of movement.

Now that we have launched the first criticisms (constructive, however), we're going to butter Fila up... not too much!

Our focus switched on the Nine 100 (men) and Nine 90 (ladies). Well, ok, these are products that came out last year and are renewed in 2012 ... but they are proposed at € 299 while the current M100 is € 400 when you can pay € 300 for similar features? (except a few details)...
Both models have a beautiful finish and are well placed on the market. Feel free to put it on if you get the chance.

Fila Nine 100 édition 2012

Fitness skates

Fila always proposes the FM line. Not really a fitness skate but not really a long distance skate too... it becomes difficult for beginners to navigate through classifications!
Basically, the frame and wheels are similar to that of long-distance skates: beautiful extruded frames with large diameter wheels, but the boots are not carbon fiber, a big difference with M100 or Nine 90 and Nine 100. This is a classic softboot.
The upper is still quite low and well open on the back. An interesting product for medium and long distances thus, around € 249, which is very reasonable, especially when compared with some products of the other brands on the market with embossed frames.

Fila FM 100 édition 2012

We still have a comment about the finishing of this product! Hope that the sample we received was a prototype: We noticed many traces of glue between the upper and the sole. Not very clean! Let's say it was just a sample ...

traces de colle sur le Fila FM 100 édition 2012

We also noticed that some Fila fitness skates propose an innovative closure concept like K2 with its Boa or Powerslide with the ATOP 2 on the Virus line.
For entry level products with 84mm and 90mm wheels, Fila has renewed the design of its Primo. New colors are available.

Mollette de serrage sur un patin fila édition 2012

Junior products

Un patin fila NRK édition 2012

Fila keeps the same products in 2011 and 2012: the Wizy Alu Boys and Girls. These skates are equipped with 74mm or 76mm depending on size. Cool stuff: ABEC 7 bearings for kids! Combined with an aluminum frame it makes one of the best skate of the market for € 99.

These skates are adjustable per 4 sizes:

  • M (32-35)
  • L (35-38)
  • XL (38-41)

Urban/freeride products

No real novelty in 2011. The NRK are versatile skates. The finishing is a little "cheap".

However, there is an interesting model with the Active Steering concept (a frame separated in two bridges for more grip and manoeuvrability) more dedicated to fitness skating.
Overall, this line really looks like to Seba FR ...

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Pictures: Alfathor and Fila
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