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Preview of K2 lines products 2012

Preview of K2 lines products 2012

After Fila and Rollerblade, we had a look to one of the other big brand of the market, K2! K2 is best known for its mountain products but this firm is also present on the market of roller-skating, especially in Germany. Preview of 2012 products ...



Modèle K2 Fatty 2012K2 has renewed most of its products in 2011. In 2012, no great surprise, the same collection with a few changes.

The German brand focuses on its famous BOA closure system, more and more present in lines 2012.
The principle: one knob rolls up a thin lace that provides a uniform closure of the entire foot. This concept has existed since 2001 in the ski market.

Junior skates

A complete line is available with four children products "Hero" for boys and two models "Charm" for girls. All are equipped with wheels from 70 to 72 mm and a composite frame. They are all adjustable 5 sizes! In general, other brands are more of 4 sizes.

Regarding the bearings, all models are equipped with ABEC 3. Basically, there are few differences between the products. Note: none of the models has an aluminum frame.

Fitness products

K2 fitness products are equipped with stamped frames riveted to the structure of the skate and ILQ 7 bearings.

In the series of 84 mm:

  • the FIT 84 for men
  • the Alexis 84 for women

Each existing in its BOA version.

In the line of 80mm products, one found the FIT 80 and the Andra. These products are not available with the BOA closure system. Bearings: ABEC 5 standard.
Modèle K2 Maia 2012K2 even proposes products with 78mm wheels for fitness skating. It must be the only brand on the market to do so! This diameter has almost disappeared for 10 years ...

After this digression, let's have a look to large diameters! The Mach skates already existed in 2011 in 90 and 100mm. The Mach 100 BOA combines two wheels of 100mm at the rear and 90 mm at the front, a hilo conception. Again, K2 has opted for embossed frames. Extruded frame would have been welcome like some other brands in these diameters!
The Celena 90 is his female version ...

The Mach 90, as its name suggests is equipped with wheels 90, like its female counterpart, the Celena. It features a stamped frame as well. Its main drawback for 2012, an increase of price of 20 Euros (or 10%)!

Furthermore, we do not forget the K2 "ECO" line. The products are made from sustainable materials and equipped with a bamboo frame. The ETU for men and Maia for women. All are equipped with 84 mm wheels and ILQ7 bearings. This product is dedicated to occasional skaters.

The "vitness" line (long distance products)

The Radical is still there after years and years of services with its 4x100mm mounting. The Pro version is equiped with a 3x110mm / 1x100mm frame.

The Radical Pro is available with or without the BOA closure system. The support is better than previous years. Too bad there is no effective closure system on the kick because otherwise the comfort was much improved by the Boa tightening. In addition, the Radical 100 has yet a strap at that location.


Modèle K2 Fatty 2012

No change, the Longmount Pro is still present in the K2 2012 catalog, always proposed with 100mm wheels...

Street / aggressive skating

Once again, nothing new, the eternal flagship, the Fatty Pro is always accompanied by the faithful Varsity.

And freeride ?

The "Il Capo" is the only survivor of a series of urban skates that was released on the market by K2 three years ago. It looks like a Fatty Paris. A boot with a freeride UFS frame hosting four wheels of 84mm 84A.

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