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Test: Seba GTX 84

Test: Seba GTX 84

Faithful to its principles, Seba has gradually diversified its lines in different practices of roller-skating. The French brand deepened its range over the years. The Seba GTX 84 follows the same logic. This skate is the entry level of the GT...


Seba GTX 84

The Seba GTX 84 offers sober but nice design. The all black boot and frame are discreetly accented with white stitching that highlight the key points of the skate. The big white laces add a "street" note that contrast well with the purpose of the GTX.It benefits from the latest improvements, a new Seba GT 2012 : The liner and the shell are made in one piece.

The boot

Seba modified its shell, there is no longer removable liner. Now the liner is fully integrated to the shell for lightness and precision. The weight of the Seba GTX is reduced at the same time.The structure of the GTX boot is made of a rigid polymer sole. It is completed and equipped with an equally stiff cuff which gives an excellent support to the heel.

On the Seba GTX, no height adjustment system, this is one of the difference with the high end version, the GT. The GTX is a streamlined version of the GT, the high-end fitness skate of Seba. Most of the upper is built with mesh for more breathability. Note the presence of discrete lateral anti-abrasive pads to reduce the deterioration of the shell in case of fall.Finally, Seba also modified the sole. The high end model is equipped with two 7 holes wedges... but the GTX has only a single hole to attach the frame.
There is more possibility of adjusting the frame, except if you use the oblong of the frame. It's more than enough for laterally adjustment. It also means that the sole is a bit lighter..


During the hours of skating with the GTX, we have not felt any pressure points. The enveloping structure fits quite well the contour of the foot. The heel is locked in the back of the liner, thicker. The front of foot has a thinner shoe without losing comfort.

Test des Seba GTX 84


When we laced the entire boot, we thought that the front/rear bending would be affected... This was not the case. Forward bending is good. Freedom of movement remains optimal.

Support and fastening

The GTX 84 features:

  • a thick lace on the whole foot and the tibia
  • a Velcro strap on the kick
  • a micrometric buckle on the tibia.

The micrometric buckle is equipped with the Safety Lock system. Once clipped, you have to press a button to unlock it. Be careful, it is plastic and not metal buckle, it would have been stronger.On the other hand, the plastic tongue that comes in the micrometric buckle was shortened compared to the first generation of GT. Therefore, no more pressure point appear when you fasten tight, and it's a good thing! It is more comfortable.

The laces were almost unnecessary in the old version of the Seba GT, it is now essential to properly tighten them so that the foot does not move in the boot. The laces have some difficulties to slide in their eyes. You have therefore to take the time to tighten them. Once the lacing completed and Velcro strap tight, the foot is firmly secured and wrapped in the boot.The velcro strap could have been replaced by a micrometric buckle for extra precision.

Test des Seba GTX 84


Seba has opted for an extruded aluminum frame. At first glance, it seems thin, a little less "clumsy" in comparison with the high end model of Seba.Rigidity tests are satisfactory: the walls deforms slightly when they are compressed. Three decks improve the stiffness. The ends are slightly more flexible than the central part. This type of configuration enhances maneuverability.
We also appreciate the presence of 2x2 oblongs on the front and rear decks. Thus, it allow more adjustments.

Weight: 212 grams
Length : 255mm
Max wheel diameter: 84 mm


A damper about the Seba GTX hardware, the use of double axles instead of single race axles. The 8mm axles are quite strong but when you tasted the confort of simple axles, it's hard to go back! This choice can be explained by the fact that a embosses frame are cheaper to produce. An extruded frame with a thread and single axles is more expensive to produce. The Seba GTX is still an entry level skating (in Seba range... because compared to most of other brands available on the market, the GTX is more a midrange product!).


The GTX is equipped with Seba Seba White Wheels 84mm 85A hardness. These wheels are identical to many models of the brand. Their 5 branch core reminds the design created by Hyper several years ago. They lack a bit of grip on dry surfaces but offer good rolling and regular wear over time. A good compromise.

Test des Seba GTX 84


Seba equipped the Seba GTX with Twincam ILQ7 bearings, more than enough for a fitness use. Not much to say at this level. They offer low resistance and are silent in use.


Faithful to its principles, Seba proposes a skate with an excellent workmanship. No trace of glue or defective sewing. It's clean!


In general, the first sensation when you wear a skate is multiplied. In the case of the Seba GTX, we immediately felt the forward rocker, typical of Seba skates.We also found the support that made the success of Seba, the foot is firmly secured in the boot.The bending is not hindered ... but as we explained, you must tighten the laces well to get maximum acuracy. Now you can push the skate to its limits! The frame responds quite well, the small wheels offer great handling, directional changes are fast and easy. However, we lack a bit of rolling compared to 90mm wheels. In short, this skate does not like the long straight bicycle paths but is clearly dedicated to urban skating. You can play with this skate through crowded street, slalom and possibly have a little freeride experience.


As usual, Seba delivers us here a versatile skate that can be used for urban rides, freeride initiation or slalom, thanks to its compact frame and its excellent support. If the GTX is initially dedicated to fitness skating, the small wheel diameter limits it use to medium distances. Its strength: skating through various environments. The GTX does not like to eat km, he would prefer to play in the street. To get the best of the GTX, you must have fun with it, move through obstacles, jump sidewalks, slalom (nicely) between pedestrians. An excellent compromise for those who do not really know what practice they prefer...

Test du seba GTX84

Strengths and points to be improved


+ Comfort
+ Support
+ Versatility
+ Manoeuvrability


- Double axles
- Léger manque d'adhérence des roues
- Le prix ? 20 Euros de moins aurait été top


Shell : Semi-soft - plastic shell (you can customize colors)
Fastening system: micrometric buckles (safety lock), laces and scratches
Sizes : 35 to 48
Frames : aluminum extruded 255mm
Brake : NC
Wheels: Seba White 84mm 85A
Bearings: Twincam ILQ7 (standard 608 bearings)
Spacers: Metallic
Weight: 1590 grams 
Recommended price: 199 Euros
Recommended practice: urban and fitness skating, a little slalom and freeride

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