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Tip: how to slow down with a parachute

Tip: how to slow down with a parachute

Alain Decayeux recently traveled through the Japanese Alps on his skates with his girlfriend. He met an American skater who introduced him to an ingenious system to slow down in slopes. Explanation ...


Discovery of an ingenious and easy to use system

The principle?

Alain DecayeuxA square canvas (parachute) is attached with two straps in its 2 corners. It is also attached in the lower calf. The skater only has to grasp two handles in the top corners. Then he opens the arms to deploy the parachute ... It looks like some flying squirrels in North America. This product is used in extreme sports such as longboard, ski, snowboard and surf ...
It is possible to control the speed by changing the position of the parachute: The more one stands up and opens the arms, the more the speed decreases due to a greater wind resistance.
Conversely, the more one looks like a ball, the more one reduces wind resistance and accelerates!

Alain Decayeux

" You wear the "parachute" on calves in less than 10 seconds. Then you just have to open the arms to slow down. The arms work more than the legs. The effect is surprising, it works really well! Of course, you must be able to use T-braking. This system gives skaters the opportunity to enjoy the slopes above 10%. "

Technical sheet

Size: 76" x 66"
Price : $79.00
Patent : US D613,360 S
Sports : skateboard, roller-skating, surf, stand up paddle, ski, snowboard, longboard...

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