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5th World Freestyle Slalom Championships: Pair Classic

5th World Freestyle Slalom Championships: Pair Classic

Once the Speed slalom over on Saturday (2nd day), it was the turn of the Pair Classic Freestyle competition. There were 17 pairs, European and Asian. The latters took the lead, and particularly the Chinese who took over the two first places...


in Geisingen, Germany

Juniors Lan Wang Heng and Pu Hao Yang (who’s going to win the battle title for the second time in a row, later in the evening) are the new Pair World Champions, managing the most technical run – for want of being the most artistic with their Addidas sports suits, including all the trendy wheeling tricks of the moment, and teasing the world with a pair deckchair as their last trick. They made the daring bet of choosing the lame pop-rock teenage song Das Alles Ist Deutschland in front of a German public, but people seemed to appreciate according to the cheering and clapping in the audience.

Liao Jie and Guo Fang (future classic vice-champ), the new Vice Champs, as well as Koreans Do Ji Hwan and Yu Jin Seong, the thirds, are less technical – their rate of success is lower than that of the Champs who managed nearly each and every one of their tricks. Nevertheless they paid more attention to the artistic part, embodying and playing better with their musics. Check out the Koreans shamelessly parodying boysbands and models!

The podium is a cut above the rest as for the quality of their skating, their technique and their implication with the music. However let’s note the promising interpretation of young Chinese Feng Hui and Zhang Hao – both are going to be sacred Classic Junior World Champs the following day, who successfully pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

Championnats du Monde freestyle 2011 à Geisingen : pair freestyle classic

The youngest participants (Thai) Chanya Mongkolchareonchok and Kanchanok Sawangsri, end up 8th, in the first half of the final ranking, with quite a synchronized performance, supplanting the other Thai pairs who end up 12th and 15th.

The first European pair is far in the ranking, only reaching the 6th place: Polish Magdalena Mosiezny and Klaudia Hartmanis (future classic vice-champ) present a young’n fresh run, with a girly pop-rock song, full of hearts, electric guitars, yeah-yeahs, jeans jackets and pink wooly hats. The other Polish, Michal Sulinowski and Dawid Jaworski with their mirror act, and Paulina and Ewelina Czapla with their sister act respectively end up 11th and 14th.

The second European pair comes from Italy and goes to the sound of Nightwish: Although the performance of Chiara Lualdi and Barbara Bossi (who’s just won the speed title again) lacks musical expression, it unveils some daring tricks such as grabbed front and back Christies. Their fellow Italian team members, Luca Ulivieri and Enrico Paparo, end up a bit further at the 13th place.

After the French robbery of the Speed Slalom first places, with the two Fort brothers seizing the Senior and Junior titles earlier in the day, it’s the turn of the Chinese to manage an excellent operation, being a whisker away from invading the three steps of the podium… if only the Koreans hadn’t resisted and squeezed in-between the 2nd and 4th places.

Final ranking of the Pair Freestyle Slalom

  1. Lan Wang Heng & Pu Hao Yang (CHN)
  2. Guo Fang & Liao Jie (CHN)
  3. Do Ji Hwan & Yu Jin Seong (KOR)
  4. Feng Hui & Zhang Hao (CHN)
  5. Kao Lin-Ta & Huang Yu-Ping (TPE)
  6. Klaudia Hartmanis & Magdalena Mosiezny (POL)
  7. Wang Shen-Wen & Huang Yu-Hsuan (TPE)
  8. Chanya Mongkolchareonchok & Kanchanok Sawangsri (THA)
  9. Barbara Bossi & Chiara Lualdi (ITA)
  10. Clarence Cheung & Owyong Carlson (SIN)
  11. Michal Sulinowski & Dawid Jaworski (POL)
  12. Kantachart Sawangsri & Pichaya Pinyojarassang (THA)
  13. Luca Ulivieri & Enrico Paparo (ITA)
  14. Paulina & Ewelina Czapla (POL)
  15. Piyapa Dechfoong & Ratchasee Sitprasert (THA)
  16. Evgenya Surina & Svetlana Artemyeva (RUS)
  17. Anastasia Antonova & Maria Gudylina (RUS)

NEXT: After the Pair Freestyle interlude, the battles resumed where they had stopped the previous day, with Quarter Finals.

Championnats du Monde freestyle 2011 à Geisingen : pair freestyle classic

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