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5th World Freestyle Slalom Championships - Classic + Slides

5th World Freestyle Slalom Championships - Classic + Slides

The third and last day of the event was as full as the previous day, although there were only two competitions planned. Now, take into consideration the number of participants in Classic!


in Geisingen, Germany

Marina Boyko

Let’s make a quick calculation... four categories: 18 Junior Women, 16 Junior Men, 28 Senior Women, and 60 Senior Men (!!) Let’s add to this a few warm-up seconds, one minute and a half of run, a good minute of judging (the results were given immediately), and a little interview going beyond time… this makes around 5 min per skater. Now, multiply per 122…

The event ended up with the Slides competition, to the beat of the German DJ’s dubstep mixes.

Classic Freestyle

Photos: Facebook Classic Freestyle Gallery by Mon Hurbanova

In the Junior Women’s Category, the two little Chinese who mastered the Battle competition of the previous day unsurprisingly take the lead: Feng Hui wins over Su Fei Qian this time, with an amazing run to Michael Jackson, both artistically and technically extremely impressive. Her artistic implication is her ticket to the first place: Su Fei Qian never really gets into her music. The latter is a technical freak (this is why she won the battle), but Classic is also about feelings.

Congratulations to Feng Hui, then. The little girl is going to make wonders: not only is she a great skater but she is also social, smiling, and she can speak a little English – ready for fame!

Daria Kuznetsova, the current Russian Champion, gets the third place and offers Russia its first medal in the competition.

In the Junior Men’s Category, a Chinese tsunami crushes everything on its way. The podium is entirely Chinese, and at the top of it the two little Battle finalists Zhang Hao (1st) and Ye Hao Qin (2nd, and new World Battle Vice-Champion). Their friend Pan Yu Shuo seizes the last place available on the podium. The first European, Polish Tomasz Mroczek, ends up 7th

In the Senior Women’s Category a fresh breeze of renewal is blowing on the Top-3. Except ChenChen’s (Chn) usual first place, the two other medals don’t go to the usually expected skaters! The 2011 World Vice-Champion is Polish Klaudia Hartmanis, who had already made a good girly performance during the Pair Freestyle; she offers to Poland its first ever World medal in its history of Freestyle Skating! As for the third place, it goes to Kristina Lysenko (Rus) who couldn’t stop jumping for joy on the result sofa: the news erased all the frustration she got for ending up at the foot of the podium in speed slalom. This is the second medal for Russia in Classic.

Marina Boyko (Ukr) and Polina Semenova (Rus), the two Battle finalists of the previous day, end up 4th and 5th. Sabina Ismailova (Ukr) is determined to move up the world ranking and get back where she belongs, and she reaches the 6th place.

Let’s also note the poetic performances of Ksenija Komarchuk (Ukr) and Megan McIntosh (Usa) who end up 9th and 10th.

Igor Cheremetieff

In the Senior Men’s Category Kim Sung Jin (Kor) deprives China of the 4th Classic gold medal, in ending up 1st with all the merits, in front of Guo Fang (Chn) and outclassed Junior Pu Hao Yang (Chn), the God of Battle. The competition was extremely harsh in this category, and the ten first runs are just amazing as for technique and synchronization. Most of the time, the only parameter left to make the difference is Music Expression… This is why very expressive skaters who are pretty good in technique too will win over super-amazing technicians – except for Pu Hao Yang because he is a supadupa-amazing technician.

Below you will find the complete lists of the competitors who took part in the Classic Competition, as well as the videos of their runs, kindly shot by Frozwheels.

If somebody took the time to shoot, edit and upload, then sharing is the least to do!

NB: a couple of ties don’t show on the lists. Especially, the Senior Men’s 9th place which is shared by the Spanish Antonio Castro and Jon Larrucea, and the 13th place by French Alexandre Claris and German Martin Sloboda. Let’s also note that in the Senior Women’s category German Anya Ziertmann and Polish Paulina Czapla both end up 13th.

Junior Women’s Classic Freestyle

  1.  Feng Hui (Chn)  
  2.  Su Fei Qian (Chn) 
  3.  Daria Kuznetsova (Rus) 
  4.   Pipaya Dechfoong (Tha)
  5. Huang Yu Hsuan (Tpe)
  6. Zoe Granjon (Fra)
  7. Svetlana Komissarzevskaja (Ukr)
  8. Chanya Mongkolchareonchok (Tha)
  9. Lu Qian Qian (Chn)
  10. Angelika Prucnal (Pol)
  11. Justyna Czapla (Pol)
  12. Oceane Loutrein (Fra)
  13. Lin Hsin Chieh (Tpe)
  14. Manuela Palo (Ita)
  15. Margaux Allet (Fra)
  16. Izabela Bednarska (Pol)
  17. Caroline Kerbrat (Fra)
  18. Magdalena Mosiezny (Pol)

Junior Men’s Classic Freestyle

  1.  Zhang Hao (Chn)   
  2.  Ye Hao Qin (Chn) 
  3.  Pan Yu Shuo (Chn)
  4. Huang Yu Ping (Tpe)
  5. Kanchanok Sawangsri (Tha)
  6. Chen Ying Ming (Tpe)
  7. Tomasz Mroczek (Pol)
  8. Dawid Jaworski (Pol)
  9. Kantachart Sawangsri (Tha)
  10. Chawis Rompo (Tha)
  11. Anson Chan Man Fung (Hkg)
  12. Grzegorz Maraszkiewicz (Pol)
  13. Cezary Kulbacki (Pol)
  14. Lam Chun Him (Hkg)
  15. Ng Wing Hang (Hkg)
  16. Daniel Platacz (Pol)

Senior Women’s Classic Freestyle

  1.  ChenChen (Chn) 
  2.  Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol) 
  3.  Kristina Lysenko (Rus)
  4. Marina Boyko (Ukr)
  5. Polina Semenova (Rus)
  6. Sabina Ismailova (Ukr)
  7. Pichaya Pinyojarassang (Tha)
  8. Barbara Bossi (Ita)
  9. Ksenija Komarchuk (Ukr)
  10. Megan McIntosh (Usa)
  11. Angelika Babiy (Rus)
  12. Chiara Lualdi (Ita)
  13. Paulina Czapla (Pol)
  14. Anya Ziertmann (Ger)
  15. Sofya Stavinova (Rus)
  16. Sinead Howick (Ire)
  17. Natalie Ujuk (Aus)
  18. Ewelina Czapla (Pol)
  19. Valeria Raccuglia (Ita)
  20. Christina Pers (Esp)
  21. Cristina Rotunno (Ita)
  22. Sara Barlocco (Ita)
  23. Maria Eggert (Ger)
  24. Marion Mühlenbaümer (Ger)
  25. Zoe Brealey (Gbr)
  26. Carmen Plate (Ned)
  27. Miriam Kwasny (Ger)
  28. Hannah Mansfield (Gbr)

Senior Men’s Classic Freestyle

  1.  Kim Sung Jin (Kor) 
  2.  Guo Fang (Chn) 
  3.  Pu Hao Yang (Chn)
  4. Yu Jin Seong (Kor)
  5. Liao Jie (Chn)
  6. Adrian Almazan (Esp)
  7. Do Ji-Hwan (Kor)
  8. Lan Wang Heng (Chn)
  9. Antonio Castro (Esp)
  10. Jon Larrucea (Esp)
  11. Romain Lebois (Fra)
  12. Andrei Shitov (Rus)
  13. Martin Sloboda (Ger)
  14. Alexandre Claris (Fra)
  15. Viktor ‘Generator’ Meleshkevich (Rus)
  16. Yury Torlopov (Rus)
  17. Kao Lin Ta (Tpe)
  18. Clarence Cheung (Sin)
  19. Michal Sulinowski (Pol)
  20. Wang Shen When (Tpe)
  21. Igor Cheremetieff (Fra)
  22. Tiziano Ferrari (Ita)
  23. Luca Ulivieri (Ita)
  24. Tan Kah Ming (Tpe)
  25. Denis ‘Disa’ Islamov (Rus)
  26. Carlson Owyong (Sin)
  27. Florian Schneider (Ger)
  28. Enrico Paparo (Ita)
  29. Hervé Guillou (Fra)
  30. Rodrigo Morgado (Bra)
  31. Boris Rozbroj (Fra)
  32. Juan Carlos Fidalgo (Esp)
  33. Jon Bell (Gbr)
  34. Kirill ‘ReKiL’ Ryazantsev (Rus)
  35. Andrea Bellotto (Ita)
  36. Konrad Tomaka (Pol)
  37. Jacob Carias (Gbr)
  38. Thomas Vilcans (Ger)
  39. Issy Rahim (Gbr)
  40. Pascal Falcini (Ger)
  41. Daniel Cacala (Svk)
  42. Karol Koronowicz (Pol)
  43. Artur Grigoryan (Ger)
  44. Alexandre Del Marmol (Bel)
  45. Alejandro Barcelo (Arg)
  46. Ratchasee Sitprasert (Tha)
  47. Tim Schraepen (Bel)
  48. Milan Lahucky (Svk)
  49. Jose Manuel Gutierrez Diaz (Esp)
  50. Tomasz Suwaj (Pol)
  51. Mark Bullock (Gbr)
  52. Grzegorz Czajor (Pol)
  53. Toni Reinicke (Ger)
  54. Pierre-Alix Colbrant (Bel)
  55. Boris Burger (Svk)
  56. Heiko Bader (Ger)
  57. Jason Garfitt (Gbr)
  58. Robison Santos (Bra)
  59. Lubomir Dait (Svk)
  60. Antonio Pires (Por)


Photos: Facebook Slides Preview Gallery by Mon Hurbanova 

Women’s Slides Final by ReKiL.ru

In the women’s category they were only 6, including Singaporean Rebecca Chew who had come especially for the slides competition. She ends up first, winning the World Title, in front of Russian Natalia Krykova and Italian Chiara Lualdi, who managed to outrun Russians Maria Gudylina and Olga Fokina as well as Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol).

Results of the Women’s Slides

  1. Rebecca Chew (Sin)
  2. Natalia Krykova (Rus)
  3. Chiara Lualdi (Ita)
  4. Maria Gudylina (Rus)
  5. Olga Fokina (Rus)
  6. Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol)

Men’s Slides by ReKiL.ru

In the Men’s category, they were 24 to try their luck in the qualifications. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, China reaped the last 1st place of the competition, collecting its 8th gold medal – which is the 18th Chinese medal! Zhao Zhen Hua wins with merits, in front of Singaporean Dawson Yeo and Taipei Chung Yung Tzu. This is an Asian Top-3, which lets the first Europeans, Russian Kirill ‘ReKiL’ Ryazantsev, Vladimir Demidov and Nikita Prokofyev high and dry at the foot of the podium!

Let’s note that French Boris Rozbroj, Jean Teissier, Hervé Guillou and Igor Cheremetieff made it through to the semi-finals.

Results of the Men’s Slides

  1. Zhao Zhen Hua (Chn)
  2. Dawson Yeo (Sin)
  3. Chung Yung Tzu (Tpe)
  4. Kirill Ryazantsev (Rus)
  5. Vladimir Deminov (Rus)
  6. Nikita Prokofyev (Rus)

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