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Test: Petzl Tikka XP ®² headlamp

Test: Petzl Tikka XP ®² headlamp

Rollerenligne.com does not only test pairs of roller-skates. Today, we focus on a very useful accessory for the long roller-skating rides and night trainings. We tested the Petzl Tikka XP ®² headlamp...



Test headlamp Tikka XP2
The model we chose is the Tikka XP ® ². It is available for about forty Euros in sport specialized shops. It consists of an adjustable strap and a quite compact light box.
The TIKKA XP² headlamp integrates two light sources: a white light and a red light. Both are LED for a lower energy consumption. It is also equipped with Wide Angle lens with a simple open-close feature, allowing the user to choose between:

  • a long distance focalized beam
  • a flood beam for proximity lighting
  • a "rear" red light / warning to indicate your position. It can also be used as a night vision.

Test lampe frontale Tikka XP2


Batteries installation is fairly easy. Simply turn the box down to unclip the top and place the batteries.
On speed helmets, the installation really depends on the shape of your helmet. Since the headlamp does not have a third strap on the top, it is a little harder to fix it. You can play with the roughness of the helmet to fix the headlamp so it does not move... or possibly add one or two pieces of string to block straps.
Something very positive: the light box has 4 notches that allow you to adjust the tilt of the beam, and adjusting it to your skating position.

Using alternating beams

The white LED is the most used in roller-skating. When skating on a bicycle path at night, it is recommended to use the wide beam that illuminates far less but offers more comfort and a global vision. Furthermore, its moves less.
Indeed, when you us the long and focused beam, the field of vision is much smaller and the beam is much more subject to the pendulum of the skater.
In summary, we used the wide beam for most of the way... but when a form appeared in the distance, we switched to the long focused beam to determine the nature of the obstacle. The range of the light beam can easily reach the 60 meters indicated by the manufacturer.
The red LED is more useful in the streets to indicate your position to the cars coming from behind.
When the batteries reach end of life, Petzl thought to add a witness to warn the user.
If you with to switch from the red to white light, just press the button above for 2 seconds. A long pressure increase or decrease power of the beam. A double pressure puts the light in flashing mode. Operation is very simple.
By reading the instructions, we also realized that Petzl has nestled a little whistle in the plastic part that allows length adjustment of the strap. It could be really useful in case of danger.
The notice also states that it is possible to find many spare parts: the wide angle, the elastic strap, the whistle ...


Initially, we were a little hesitant to invest € 45 on a headlamp ... but we must recognize that when you chose a brand like Petzl, you are rarely disappointed. The Tikka XP2 is easy to use, powerful, with excellent battery life. Our only criticism remains the installation on the helmet, not very practical, but we handled it! This headlamp is a good ally during the winter trainings at night or during long distance rides ...

Test lampe frontale Tikka XP2

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Very efficient en powerful
+ The setting options: beam, tilt, flashing mode...
+ Autonomy
+ Batteries included
+ Integrated whistle in the strap


- Only one circular strap. A second one on the top of the head would be great
- Price

Technical sheet

Max range (focused beam) : 60m
Max range (large beam) : 17 m

  • Three white lighting modes (maximum, economic and flashing mode)
  • Two red lighting modes: continuous and blinking
  • type of lighting (white or red) is selected by pressing for two seconds on the push-button
    (the last mode used remains in the memory until the next use)
  • focused or wide beam with Wide Angle lens

White led: 60 lumens
Autonomy : 80 to 160 hours
In flashing mode, autonomy reaches 240 hours for white LED and 750 hours for the red LED.
Operates on : three alkaline AAA/LR03 batteries (included)
Compatible with lithium batteries
Colors :
- E99 PG : graphite
- E99 PI : iris
Degree of protection: IP X4 (water-resistant)
Weight : 88 g including batteries (52 g without batteries)
Garantee: 3-year guarantee
CE compliant
Recommended public price: 45,95 € 


Official Web site of Petzl
User Guide

By Alfathor
Photos: Petzl
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