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Epilogue on the 5th Freestyle Skating World Championships in Geisingen (Ger)

Epilogue on the 5th Freestyle Skating World Championships in Geisingen (Ger)

Let’s say a big thank to the Arena and its amazing organization. Welcome to a new Era, with high technology, professional multilingual MCs and dubstep DJs! Back on the strong points of these Freestyle Skating World Championships in Geisingen (Germany) ...


Medals & New Rankings

Facilities and Means

WFSC 2011

Numerous cameras were set everywhere and the shots were broadcasted on the big screen overhanging the area: the performances and the results were shown live on the screen.

Deck the MC didn’t know anything about freestyle a couple of days before the event. Thanks to an intensive briefing and to his professionalism, he orchestrated the whole competition both in German (for the public) and in English, explaining and detailing the unfolding of the competition, interviewing the skaters after their performances in the waiting sofa, etc. The competition was a real interactive show.

Last but not least, the DJ was mixing good music and brand-new stuff like dubstep – Germany is the kingdom of Electro music, true! And he was attentive to the unfolding of the competition so that his mixing always added to it and was never on the off-beat.

Off course, let’s not forget the public which crowded the tiers all around the competition area! This was the first world championship for which we had a real public, and it was very moving.


With 18 medals won, including 8 gold, China is unreachable.

The following countries are France and Italy, with both 5 medals, including 2 golds for France and only 1 for Italy. These two countries owe their ranking to Speed Slalom, just like Singapore owes its two medals to Slides. Russia reaps 4 medals while Korea manages to get 3, including 1 gold.

Let’s not forget Poland which receives its first World medal ever, as well as Chinese Taipei.

Enjoy the figures!

WFSC 2011


World Ranking

October.11 World Ranking


Women’s Freestyle Ranking

As a consequence to these 5th World Championships, ending the 4th WSSA season with a flourish, some major changes took place in the world ranking.

It is particularly the case for the Women’s Freestyle category where Marina Boyko (Ukr), Number one since September 2010, is dethroned by the Chinese: Su Fei Qian, 2011 World Champion in Battle and Junior Vice-Champ in Classic, is the new world leader, followed by her elder compatriot ChenChen who takes the World’s 2nd place, relegating the Ukrainian at the 3rd place.  Russian Polina Semenova loses one place too, finding herself at the 4th position: in imposing herself in the Top-3, Su Fei Qian made the other skaters move down one place!

Young Feng Hui, who made quite an impression with her Classic run which propelled her to the World’s first place in the Junior category, and – even stronger – who won the title of Battle Vice-Champion, improved her ranking of 4 places going from place 9 to 5!

The two Thai Pipaya Dechfoong and Pichaya Pinyojarassang respectively reach Top-15 and Top-10.

This Chinese wave doesn’t benefit to most of the Europeans who drop in the ranking. However some skaters manage to swim against the current:

The best arrowing up goes to Sabina Ismailova (Ukr) who is back where she belongs, in the Top-15, winning 27 places and hitting rank 13! Let’s also welcome Daria Kuznetsova (Ukr) in the Top-15, hot on the heels of the Ukrainian, thanks to good results in this World Championship: indeed she ends up 3rd in Junior Classic just behind Feng Hui (Chn, new #5) and Su Fei Qian (Chn, new #1), and she almost reached the Battle final!

However she’s not the only Russian to have made a good operation during this last big event of the season: Kristina Lysenko, thanks to her 3rd place in Classic Freestyle, sees herself winning 14 places and becoming World #10!


WFSC 2011


Men’s Freestyle Ranking

In the Men’s Freestyle Category, although the Top-3 remains the same (Kim Sung Jin #1, Pu Hao Yang #2, Jon Larrucea #3) the same Chinese phenomenon is felt. Welcome to Ye Hao Qin in the Top-5 jumping from place 19 to 5 thanks to his two Vice-Champion titles in Battle and in Junior Classic Freestyle. Classic Junior World Champion Zhang Hao, who also reached the Battle final, improves his ranking to reach place 13. Korean Yu Jin Seong is back in the Top-20 thanks to his 4th place in Classic.

Here too, most of the Asians moved up the ranking while, as a consequence, most of the European moved down – especially Martin Sloboda and Igor Cheremetieff who respectively go down to places 7 and 20…

The Chinese phenomenon is a generality and particular cases happen in both sides:

“He who is absent is always in the wrong”: Korean Kim Tae Bin has experienced it at his expense, dropping from place 6 to 15…

The other way around, Europeans Adrian Almazan (Esp) and Romain Lebois (Fra), thanks to their good rankings in Classic (6th and 11th) – and for the latter his efficient battle fighting which kept him alive to get the 6th place, improve slowly but surely and they respectively reach places #8 and #12.

WFSC 2011

Speed Slalom Ranking

The Speed Slalom rankings are less colorful this month.

The Men’s and Women’s Top-3s remain unchanged, led by Yohan Fort (Fra) and Barbara Bossi (Ita).

Nevertheless, let’s note a couple of dazzling improvements in both categories:

Savio Brivio (Ita) blazingly enters the Top-10, settling at place #7, letting his 54th place fare behind – becoming Vice-Champion helps…  Loïc Pasquier (Fra), in reaching the quarter-finals, propels himself to the Top-10, going from place 30 to 9!

In the Women’s, besides Kristina Lysenko who gets closer to the Top-3 than ever– her reaching the semi-finals leads her to the World’s 4th place, there are four newcomers in the Top-20: Sabina Ismailova (Ukr) is back, winning 20 places and settling at place #14. Tiphaine Bourbon (Fra) wins 35 places and is currently World #15, on the heels of the Ukrainian. Polina Czapla (Pol) reaches place #18, while Italian Valeria Raccuglia (Ita) wins 21 places and becomes World #20.

WFSC 2011

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