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Test: Xsjado Chris Farmer

Test: Xsjado Chris Farmer

Every year, we all want to change skates. Your budget being limited, you browse the promotions and sometimes wait for the sales to equip yourself. I have made the most of the period to get a pair of Xsjado Chris Farmer with Create Originals frames on a flat set-up.



Test du Xsjado Farmer


A few years ago, Farmer was dreaming of a black skate, dark rock and glam. This time, he got it! It is true that there are also touches of grey, for the frame and the heel of the soul plate as well as touches of red to get a bit of relief. In the end, the result is very good with such colors. It is sober, dark and original. The design of the skate stands out, especially for Xsjados.


The buckle is often the weak point of the Xsajdos, and that one is no exception. Badly adjusted, the buckle may open on a landing, even on a push… Which should fill you with complete confidence when you arrive on your spot… The screws for adjusting the height of the liner is also a point to be corrected for the range: they turn in the liner. A real pain when you have to adjust it. Apart from that, solidity is here as for the boot, the straps and the frame. The skate stands all surfaces.

Test du Xsjado Farmer


As always, there are different levels of tightening. First of all, the shoe supports the foot very well. The lacing on the side keeps the foot in a good position. And the shoe doesn't move in the boot at the heel. Last but not least, with the buckle and the straps, the foot is exceptionally well supported. The skate reacts very well to toe or heel calls, which gives quality of precision on top of that.


As often with Xsjados, the skate is not very flexible at first, but a couple of softening drills will enable you to break the cuff in so that it will react quite fast for tops and grinds. Let's only regret that there is no V-Cut on this model, in order to get more flexibility in grinds, but it's a question of habit.

Test du Xsjado Farmer


What's good with the last Xsjado models is that they take into account the skaters' comments. For example, as the ankle boot didn't meet all the needs, they went back to basics with extra padding. The fabric is more comfortable and the skate is more pleasant to skate with. The shoe/liner combination of that skate is noticeable: the foot is well supported and you benefit from quite a reasonable comfort. The foam padding doesn't get compact randomly but moulds itself to the shape of your ankle. The more you skate with the Xsjados the more you get comfortable, and this is an important point to note.

Test du Xsjado Farmer


And here is the favorite part of the Xsjado detractors. These are skates for cheaters! The soul plate is too wide, it's too easy to stall. And yet, I don't see that many people with the level of Farmer or Stockwell when they put on Xsjado skates. The rolling is not extraordinary but it's always the same whatever the spot. As for the combination with the frame, it is nice even if the rigidity of the latter doesn't help for the overall flexibility of the boot.


The Create Originals frame is quite rigid, as you will have already understood. You can customize it with images. It is mostly available with a flat set-up, and even if I had a hard time to adapt, it's absolutely delicious! Let's also note that the axles of the anti-rockers are a bit higher, so that you will really make the most of the flat set-up only after a couple of sessions. As for the rolling, it's a subtle mix between a Fluid and a Ground Control, but heavier. However, the combination is interesting and I don't grow tired of the flat set-up whatever the spot. Some spots become hard to skate but not unreachable.

Test du Xsjado Farmer


Like for any model that has remained in stock for a while, the wheels remained in the cold and thus became harder. And yet, these 92 A are very generous. The wheels are not slippery and stand shocks. However, on slabs or grit you will have a hard time, and the big shock absorber won't do. You will not forget that you've got hard wheels on.


You will not be deceived by the quality of that pro model. It is comfortable with good finishing and it is very pleasant to skate. However, the skate is heavy because of its flat set-up. Yet, you gain speed and grip, which is not a bad thing. The screws and buckles are the downside of that skate but if you take care, it is not a problem. For an adjustable skate that really moulds to your foot, that pro model is the best I have tested of the Xsjado brand.

Test du Xsjado Farmer

Strong points and points to be improved


+ Comfort and adjustability
+ Create Originals frame
+ Flat set-up


- The buckle opens
- The screws of the liners
- The absence of V-Cut

Technical facts

Test du Xsjado FarmerBrand: Xsjado
Model: Chris Farmer
Year: 2011
Boot: semi-flexible
Shoe: detachable / removable
Cuff: Xsjado Farmer 4
Shoe: Xsjado Farmer 4 low cut
Tightening: Micrometric buckles and strap
Size: 38 to 48 EU
Frame: Create Originals UFS
Wheels: 4*4 Farmer 57 mm 92 A
Max Diameter: 59 mm
Bearings: Undercover Royal ABEC 7
Price: 279€, on special offer for 219€
Use: Aggressive, street and park

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by Bobor
Translated by Close Yr E's
Photos: Bobor
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