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Test: Bont A-Frame 3x110 mm

Test: Bont A-Frame 3x110 mm

Bont released the "A-Frame" a few months ago. Its name comes from the "A" design used to strenghen the frame. It hosts 3 wheels of 110mm. This product is dedicated to children who wishes to skate with large diameter wheels or long distance skaters looking for lightness. We tested it for you ...


By Alfathor...

Test de la platine Bont A-Frame


Bont extruded the A-Frame in an 6061 aluminum. Bont developed a specific stucture to strenghen the frame, the A design. The sides are open and well drawn, the lines are light. The frame fits 3 x 110mm wheels but you can you it with smaller wheels. It combines black lines with a few touches of red, white and grey colors. It is simple but quite elegant.


We tested the 12 inches frame, the longest version of the range. It is also available in 11.2 inches. It weighs less than 180 grams. It is therefore in the low average compared to the other products available on the market.

Note that the A-Frame has a 155/165mm mounting. It does not fit all the pairs of speed boots, It is rather dedicated to kid skates of fitness skates with a 165mm mounting. It is also much more common on slalom / freeride / hockey skates... By cons, the A-Frame also has vertical slots, which allow to improve the position of the frame under the boot.


There is a high flexibility on the front and more rigidity on the back. The central part is firm, as it should. Handling and manoeuvrability should be good.

Test de la platine Bont A-Frame


A 3 wheels mounting is quite fun! In any case, it has a lot of advantages. First, you can accelerate quickly and push strong. You gain speed easily... but on the other hand,  it is a little harder to maintain your top speed. Three wheels instead of four means less centrifugal force, less kinetic energy and therefore less rolling. If you wish to sprint, you reach your top speed faster, but this top speed is lower in comparison with a 4 wheels setup... and you have to move your legs faster!
Furthermore, it's light enough. Having one less wheel save at least 150 grams per foot. By cons, having only three wheels changes the manoeuvrability. It is harder to rotate on yourself... but it takes only a few minutes to adapt. Anyway, skating backwards is not very useful for speed-skating.
On dry surfaces, the grip is good, but on wet floors, having four wheels instead of three is a real advantage.Having 3 wheels instead of 4 is less tiring when you skate uphill. It has the rolling of large diameter but a lower mass. It's also nice when you skate into the wind.


Machining is really done, we did not notice any rest of aluminum, the edges are not sharp, it's clean!


The Bont A-Frame 3x110 mm should interest long-distance skaters looking for a light configuration. Rolling is still good even with a 3 wheels setup. Typically, it can be a advantage for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and its famous Dunlop uphill. It should also be good for children who want to try a large diameter. The A-Frame can be mounted in 100mm and then 110mm. It is compromise for light skaters. By cons, massive skater may find it a bit too flexible... Tell me Mr. Bont, could you release the A-Frame with a 195mm mounting? I'm sure it would please to a lot of long distance skaters...

Test de la platine Bont A-Frame

Strengths and points to be improved


+ Easy to accelerate and to go uphill
+ A good rolling
+ Clean finishing
+ Affordable price


- A bit too flexible for massive skaters
- Not available in 195mm mounting!

Technical sheet

Brand : Bont
Name : A-Frame
Year : 2011
Made in: Taïwan
Length: 11.2" or 12"
Maximum diameter: 110mm
Material : Aluminum 6061
Mounting: 2 points 155mm-165mm - vertical slot
Axles : aluminum 7075 T6
Front deck: 51.6 mm
Rear deck: 62.1 mm
Weight: 171 gr (11.2") or 180 g (12")
Price: 145$

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By Alfathor
Photos : Alfathor
Thanks to Moanashop
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