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DVD : Ground Control

DVD : Ground Control

Outlook Films Production presents one of the first videos of the Ground Control frame brand. Directed by photograph Simon Mulvaney and produced by Jon Eliott, it pays tribute to the brand created a dozen years ago. Skaters such as Brian Aragon, Chaz Sands and Nils Jansons offer us great shots…



DVD Ground Control : Nils JansonsDVD Ground Control : Brian Aragon

“Each frame has its story and this is ours”. That’s how you enter the electro rock world of Ground Control and how you discover a direction which shows general skating as an art that electrifies a whole generation.

Act 1

DVD Ground Control : Alex BurstonThe first part presents Nils Jansons who shows original skating to an electro pop soundtrack, mixing standard spots and spots harder to approach. His Sunnyday transfer to true Sunnyday on bar reveals his technique. As for Alex Burston, he shows a slower but more composed skating. This part is made of a few lines and highlights his clean style.


The first part is followed by the Friends section in which you meet skaters from all horizons with very different styles. You go from Stegan Horngacher to Dominik Wagner through Mathias Silhan and Dre Powel: Top skaters putting forward the diversity and quality of the skaters of Ground Control.

Back to the stars of the video

Gabriel Hyden concentrates on the English Rock touch. His skating is fast and made of nice lines with high spots, easier to approach for a skater of his size. Indeed, on several low walls, he starts with a Top Soul followed by an Alley Oop Makio and ends up with a good Alley Oops Fishbrain. Gabriel Hyden is at ease everywhere.

In addition, pro-skater Damien Wilson particularly shows his mastering of skating and surroundings. An outside-the-box style of skating oscillating between clean tricks and tricks on the fly. From True Top Acid on bar to True Top Soul on sidewalk curb, his part reflects a very technical and creative skating.

Friends again

DVD Ground Control : Joey Chase
This video really shows great shots. On a very dynamic edit, you can appreciate a couple of slides, especially Stefan Horn’s Tork in the second “Friends” section.

On well chosen slow motions, you can enjoy Chaz Sands doing Top Soul on a rounded kinked bar. He unveils all his technique characterized with great rotations and never-ending switches.

Then, Julien Bah shows his fun and acrobatic style with a nice Fishbrain. He plays with a street lamp which he uses to go back to the bar doing Back Royal.

Ground Control enabled a whole generation to fulfill their skating potential, including Joey Chase who shows a more aggressive skating. This skater is still improving, as shows his crazy Negative Acid.


Brian Aragon concludes the video with a flourish. This stylish skater is still and always impressive: his technique is in constant renewal. He is proof that longevity is possible. You can feel he still enjoys skating, which makes this part refreshing. Have a look at his 360 Top Soul!


In the same search for quality as Valo 4 Life and Vine Street, Ground Control’s video differs thanks to its atmosphere. Simon Mulvaney managed to bring us into the world of the brand, both into the life of a team and at the heart of a group of skaters. Still, let’s deplore the absence of some skaters such as Jeff Stockell and Chris Haffey who changed teams, but also those of Soichiro Kanashima and Marc Segura who are yet pro skaters of the team. The bonuses bring a new light on more relaxed skaters who open up their lives in-between two takes. Get your remote controls ready!

DVD Ground Control : Julian Bah
DVD Ground Control : Gabriel Hyden
DVD Ground Control : Damien Wilson
DVD Ground Control : Chaz Sands


Ground Control Trailer - 6 December 2011 from Outlook Films on Vimeo.

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By Marie-Dominique Beau aka "Lapichu"
Translated by Close Yr E’s
Photos: Ground Control 
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