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DVD: Fester

DVD: Fester

“Fester” is a new brand of wheels created by Joey Chase, Damien Wilson and Canadian skater Mathieu Ledoux. What better way to promote a new brand than releasing a video... ?



DVD Fester : Joey Chase Wheels
Directed by Nick Wood and produced by Damian Wilson, no doubt it is the craziest and most hardcore video of the moment: Top skaters, but most of all a surprising video for the promotion of a new brand with skaters at the heart of the project.


The video starts with a very impressive fall reminding that aggressive skating is a dangerous sport! Nick Wood leaves and ironic comment about the result of the fall: “You’ll be fine… probably”.

The introduction with a totally hard-rock soundtrack shows that you’re not in the Little House on the Prairie.

Part 1: Nick Wood

Nick Wood begins the show and reveals a Special Ben Laden Contest illustrating the friendly atmosphere. He skates both bars and sidewalks. He is more composed than before. He can hold easily a sloping low wall and manage an impressive Zero Spin Rolling Fishbrain. This good and surprising part sets the tone, but also shows the technique and originality of the skater.


The Part 1 is followed by a special “Friends” edit featuring Sammy Chase, the old school skater Robert Leavanos and Seane Keane. As for Casey Mcfarland, he is part of the pro team. His creative skating makes you feel as if everything is skateable: perpendicular bar, crumbling wall, roof, tree trunk, everything in sight come rain or come shine.

Jon Jon Bolino

DVD Fester : Mr Ledoux
He proves that he is still one of the best aggressive skaters of the moment. With “Paint it Black” as soundtrack, he unleashes on a super high wall doing Fishbrain. He gets about with a bar which he puts everywhere to test every possibility on any spot and propose original lines.

His rotations are always perfectly clean. You can’t but admire his speed and his elaborated technique.


The following edit puts other skaters forward, including Mathieu Ledoux and Mike Leaf who are entitled to mini-parts, including a wonderful True Fish for the later’s.

Pro skater Lyle Shivaknous of Fester shows a more flexible style, and composed slides. His rotations are nice and he manages a hell of an Alley Makio to Zero Spin Fish. He is definitely the most Hip-Hop guy of the team.

However he’s got a serious problem with old computer screens which he takes a perverse delight to torture. As a conclusion, he is a fun and clean skater.

Joey Chase

DVD Fester WTF
Joey Chase has a very personal style. You can’t miss his teasing and rock’n roll sides. His part is efficient and he takes more risks, which is why he falls a lot. But his skating is so crazy with Negative Acids on so dangerous spots that it is a must-see!


In this video, the skaters take more time to express themselves and have fun, which Damian Wilson shows: despite his jokes, he took more pleasure than in the Ground Control video. He took more time to get great shots. A double part better prepared with more slides and an improbable Front Tork to Sweastance. His style is highlighted and represents him better than in his old parts.

As a conclusion, you expect a more hardcore video than what it really is. The skaters keep it cool, which enables to appreciate the video for its true worth. It really shows the skating quality of Chase, Wilson and Wood. Bolino’s part is the one I like best, but after all with such an original video, the choice is yours…!


FESTER PRO DAMIEN WILSON: SPONSOR ME TAPE 1999 from Fester Wheels on Vimeo.


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