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Patrik Sebek, a Czech World Champion in France

Patrik Sebek, a Czech World Champion in France

Patrik Sebek won a IIHF/FIRS World Champion title of roller-hockey with the Czech Republic in 2011. He took his bag and decided to stop in Rouen (France) to join the local team. The Spiders of Rouen are evolving in the Elite Championship, the highest roller-hockey division in France. During this interview, he tells us more about his motivation and choices ...


Interview with Patrik Sebek...

Patrik Sebek / Lille Rouen N1 2012

Hello Patrik, how did you hear about the team of Spiders of Rouen?

My friend Michal Šimo told me about Rouen... I know him for a long time, we have played ice-hockey against each other when we were children, and last year we have played together in LHK Jestrabi Prostejov club.

When did you decide to come to the Rouen Spiders and what was the challenge for you with this team?

I received many offers from foreign clubs to play roller hockey after the World Championships this summer, but I still had commitments that I wanted to take: I was training young and I was playing ice hockey.

I have been in touch with Michal all the time. Then, the decision has made its way. I thought about it more and I finally decided to come to Rouen.

I wanted to try something new, to meet new people and play in-line hockey. Micha told me, that the team has failed from the highest competition. The Rouen Spiders wants to come back to the highest level this year. This is the challenge for me. I want to help the team to reach this goal.

How do you prepare this game?

All matches are to be taken seriously and it is very important to prepare for the playoffs and play as a team. Each time a match starts, I have two slogans in mind: I want to win and I want to help the team.

Caen is European Confederation Champion, you win the European Champion Cup Winner with Valladolid against Anglet, what do you think about the french level of Roller-Hockey ?

I think , that in-line hockey in France is at a very high level. We played against each other at the World Cup and European Cup. France and its teams are among the best.

You practice for some time with the Spiders now... Are there differences between the training here and the Czech Republic?

The trainings and workouts are Well structured here. At home, in Czech Republic, we are playing inline-hockey for only two months per year. We work a lot on improvisation? Inline hockey players are mostly ice-hockey players. They train in their own teams all year long. The two disciplines are quite similar. So trainings are based on our automatisms, our technical skills and tactics. We practice inline-hockey when there is no more ice in rinks.

We know that you are going to train the youth skaters in Rouen, what will be the most difficult for you?

The most difficult thing will be to communicate. I speak English just a little bit. Also, there is big difference between the countries in youth training. We are more strict in Czech, we ask for more discipline and professionalism. Most of chidren have these habits (skating, tactics, work with hockey-stick...) from ice-hockey, so the work is much more easier. But I Believe, that I will find my way also here, and will be helpful for Spiders of Rouen...

Thanks for your answers!

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