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Back on the 2012 French Championships of Indoor Speed Skating

Back on the 2012 French Championships of Indoor Speed Skating

The French Championships of Indoor Speed Skating for Cadet, Junior and Senior categories took place this weekend at the Stadium of the Cours Whashington in Agen. Let’s remember that in 2011 the PBM finals had taken place ...


Speed Skating competitions

Championnat de France 2012 Indoor de vitesse à Agen

After the Juniors in 2011, let’s make room for the Seniors in 2012! Despite the difficult weather conditions in the country, the best skaters of France made the trip to compete indoors for the 2012 edition of the French Indoor Championships in Agen. The compact hall is a real arena, with seating for 3000 spectators! At first the event should have taken place at Bouguenais but in the end it was organized by the Valence Roller Sports and the young skating club of Agen…

Saturday: Speed competitions

The speed skating competitions took place on Saturday February 11th. Before each series, the speaker would make the skaters take a lap for presenting them to the public. This would be a good habit to be taken in competition to make the races more readable! It’s always nice to put names to faces…

As for the Womens Senior category (video above), Mayenne is favored, driven by Lyse-Anne Planchenault (CPR Château Gontier) who wins over Aurélie Duchemin (Bouguenais). While most of the 5 first evolve with the French Team, the 3rd place goes to Katia Klein (AM sport) who ends up just in front of Justine Halbout (2APN Avon) and Margot Pouydebat (Pibrac RS).

With the absence of leaders such as Yann Guyader and Ewen Fernandez, the forecasts are quite open in the Mens Senior Category (video below). The De Souza brothers ensure two places on the podium for RPM, Elton seizing the 1st place and Edwin the 3rd place. The second step of the podium goes to Christopher Huteau (Amicale Laïque Bouguenais).

You can feel the pressure on the starting line, the Da Souza brothers are like spring-loaded. Christopher Huteau makes the fastest start and takes the lead. Less than one lap later, Elton De Souza passes him at great speed on the opposite straight line and widens the gap. He can enjoy his victory while the fight is tough behind him!

The Womens Nationals witness the victory of Flavie Balandras of Lyon (LOU Roller) in front of Morgane Deslandes of Sarthe (JS Coulaines). Anaïs Cario of Nantes (Amicale Laïque Bouguenais) takes the 3rd place. Flavie Balandras starts in second position but the leading skater falls. Flavie widens the gap and crosses the finish line with a comfortable lead.

Local skater Robin Duez (AL Valence d’Agen) wins the Mens Nationals in front of Boris Dufour of Lyon (LOU Roller) and Franck Sannier (RIL Lamballe). Robin Duez took the lead after less than one lap and managed to keep it until the end.

New faces in the lead for the Womens Cadets: Maelann Le Roux (RAC Saint-Brieux) makes her presence felt in front of local Jessie Fernandes (ALVA) and Margaux Vigie (Le Roller du Touch).

The Mens Cadet race crowns local skater Benoit Soriano (Valence Roller Skating) who ends up in front of Killian Perrey (AL Saint-Sébastien) and Galaad Belbeoc’h (GROL Vannes).

In the Junior category, Valentin Regnier Hug (AM Sports) makes the difference in front of Alexandre Guyomard (Guimgamp RS) and Tony Lefeuvre (Roller Skating Mayenne).

After the first day we notice that the leading regions of speed skating are present on the podiums: Bretagne and South-East are there but their superiority is shadowed by the skaters of Rhône-Alpes… The East-West balance is restored little by little.

Championnat de France 2012 Indoor de vitesse à Agen

Second day: the endurance races!

Quentin Giraudeau (AL Bouguenais) wins the Cadet category in front of Yassine Baroudi (Pibrac RS) and Cédric Llorca (2 APN Avon). Raphaël Planelles take the 4th place. No doubt that he’ll know how to assert himself on Road in a couple of weeks.

In the Womens Cadet category, Anaïs Laurent (POL Longjumeau) wins over Alexia Deroo (Roller-Skating Saint-Pierrais) and Margaux Vigie (Le Roller du Touch).

The Womens Elite Endurance Finals see the regular leaders contending for the podium. Aurélie Duchemin (AL Bouguenais) makes the difference against Ysia Clausses (Pibrac RS) and Déborah Marchand (AL Bouguenais). Clémence Halbout and Juliette Pouydebat end up at the foot of the podium.

Guillaume De Mallevoue (2APN Avon) takes the lead during the Mens Elite Finals in front of Elton De Souza (RPM) and Valentin Joyau (ASTA). Joris Garderes (VRS) ends up 4th. The takeover is being felt; the young ones are invading more and more the top places.

As for the Juniors, Tomy Lépine (AL Saint-Sébastient) wins in front of Léo Baudouin (Olympique Club Herblinoir). Nicolas Sanchez (Roller du Touch) takes the 3rd place.

Flavie Balandras (LOU Roller) gets hold of her second gold medal of the weekend during the Womens National endurance Finals. She wins over Adeline Jamaux (JS Coulaines) and Cindy Lesieur (AL Bouguenais).

Robin Duez (ALVA) is back on the first place in the Mens National endurance category against Boris Dufour. Franck Sannier (RIL Lamballe) takes the 3rd place.

Championnat de France 2012 Indoor à Agen

Main results

Sprint - Elite women (senior A)

1) Lyse-Anne Planchenault - CPR Château Gontier
2) Aurélie Duchemin - Amicale Laïque Bouguenais
3) Katia Klein - AM Sports
4) Justine Halbout - 2APN Avon
5) Margot Pouydebat - Pibrac RS

Sprint - Elites men (senior A)

1) Elton de Souza - RPM
2) Christopher Huteau - Amicale Laïque Bouguenais
3) Edwin de Souza - RPM
4) Valentin Joyau - ASTA Nantes
5) David Fortin - Amicale Laïque Bouguenais

Sprint - "National" women (senior B)

1) Flavie Balandras - LOU Roller
2) Morgane Deslandes - JS Coulaines
3) Anaïs Cario - Amicale Laïque Bouguenais
4) Marielle Jamaux - JS Coulaines
5) Laure Guillard - JS Coulaines

Sprint - "National" men (senior B)

1) Robin Duez - ALVA
2) Boris Dufour - LOU Roller
3) Franck Sannier - RIL Lamballe
4) Remi Breuc - OC Herblinois
5) Clément Brunelière - Amicale Laïque Bouguenais

Sprint - "cadettes" women

1) Maelann Le Roux - RAC Saint-Brieuc
2) Jessie Fernandes - ALVA
3) Margaux Vigie - Le Roller du Touch
4) Mélissa Bellet - CRAC 2S
5) Cléa Facon - AL Saint-Sébastien

Sprint - "cadets" men

1) Benoit Soriano - Valence Roller Skating
2) Killian Perrey - AL Saint-Sébastien
3) Galaad Belbeoc'h - GROL Vannes
4) Yassine Baroudi - Pibrac RS
5) Elphege Pedicone - AM Sports

Sprint - Juniors men

1) Valentin Regnier Hug - AM Sports
2) Alexandre Guyomard - Guimgamp RS
3) Tony Lefeuvre - Roller Skating Mayenne
4) Daren De Souza - RPM
5) Lucas Mesdom - USM Villeparisis

Endurance - Elite women (senior A)

1) Aurélie Duchemin -  Amicale Laïque Bouguenais
2) Ysia Clausses - Pibrac RS
3) Déborah Marchand - Amicale Laïque Bouguenais
4) Clémence Halbout - 2APN Avon
5) Juliette Pouydebat - Pibrac RS 

Endurance - Elite men (senior A)

1) Guillaume de Mallevoue - 2APN Avon
2) Elton De Souza - RPM
3) Valentin Joyau - ASTA Nantes
4) Joris Garderes - Valence RS
5) Pierre-Emmanuel Hardy - RSDB

Endurance - "National" women (senior B)

1) Flavie Balandras - LOU Roller
2) Adeline Jamaux - JS Coulaines
3) Cindy Lesieur - AL Bouguenais
4) Laure Guillard - JS Coulaines
5) Marielle Jamaux - JS Coulaines

Endurance - "National" men (senior B)

1) Robin Duez - ALVA
2) Boris Dufour - LOU Roller
3) Franck Sannier - RIL Lamballe
4) Eric Bertolino - RS Montreuillois
5) Frédéric Garcia - ALVA

Endurance - "cadettes" women

1) Anaïs Laurent - POL Longjumeau
2) Alexia Deroo - RSSP - St-Pierre-les-Elbeufs
3) Margaux Vigié - Roller du Touch
4) Jessie Fernandes - ALVA
5) Suzanne Camus - AL Saint-Sébastien

Endurance - "cadets" men

1) Quentin Giraudeau - AL Bouguenais
2) Yassine Baroudi - Pibrac RS
3) Cédric Llorca - 2APN Avon
4) Raphaël Planelles - Fous Rollant Villetelle
5) Elphège Pedicone - AM Sports

Endurance - Juniors men

1) Tomy Lépine - AL Saint-Sébastien
2) Léo Baudouin - Olympique Club Herblinois
3) Nicolas Sanchez - Le Roller du Touch
4) Kevin Duguet - ROB Breuillet
5) Tony Lefeuvre - Roller Skating Mayenne

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By Alfathor
Translated by Chloé Seyres
Photos: Nathalie Planelles
Thanks to Serge and Brigitte Garderes for the results
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