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Roller Derby / First Open Rolling Contest in Rouen

Roller Derby / First Open Rolling Contest in Rouen

The weekend of February 4 and 5, the Spiders Black Widows, the roller-derby team of Rouen organized the first Open Rolling Contest with three other teams in the Northern Territory. Back to the event ...


Action !

Roller-Derby is a popular and rock and roll sport, a sport that grows so fast and so well that clubs has started to organize Open Competitions. This is the case of the "Black Widows" from Rouen.

The event gathered four teams from northern France who have all met during the weekend.

The teams present were:

  • Black Widows Spiders
  • Destroyeuses Lutetia in Paris
  • Brest MO Roller Derby Girls
  • Roller Derby Club Metz.

The club from Metz won the competition. You can relive a part of this event on the Web site of Spiders

Info spiders : alexandre.raillat@gmail.com

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