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Test: Shima Skate Manufacturing Marc Moreno

Test: Shima Skate Manufacturing Marc Moreno

Last year, Brian Shima put an end to Nimh to take care alone of his own skating brand. New models "made in Shima" were brought out under the single SSM. We got our hands on a pair of Shima skates manufacturing Marc Moreno at Hawaii Surf shop…


Zoom on the SSM Marc Moreno…

Shima Skate Marc Moreno

The principle of the Morenos is quite simple. They are made of a "Cult" boot cut at the nose. The finishing is quite good. A new soulplate, a new Ground Control frame, a new buckle, a welcoming liner… as many elements that make you want to put the skates on for a test curb…


The lines are quite simple: the overboot is black with touches of red. Nothing crazy except that the model is very imposing. It is obvious that the overboot is meant to have a slimming effect on the skate but the effect is limited given the size of the soul plate. The buckle protection, the notch of the soul plate, everything has been studied for the skate to be solid and efficient: a good point for a skate that has not always been well thought of.


This cannot be but a positive point for the Moreno. If the soulplate becomes hollow a bit fast, it is for it to get its own specific notch.

The overboot lasts out and the seams can take the falling. The buckle is more solid than that of the Razors: this is one more detail that has been improved by Shima. A good finishing corresponding to the requirements of our discipline.


The skate is quite wide, so that you gain in comfort! The absence of "nose" offers enough room for the toes and doesn't lock up the foot in a boot too narrow. As for the liner, it holds efficiently the ankle without hurting it. It's good to get a little softness in this rough world. At the base of the heel, the material has been changed for the heel to be well supported at the bottom of the skate.


The tightening is quite basic, but why complaining when it is efficient? First of all, there are the laces, which are very wide. The boot is so rigid that it is hard to see the use of them at the beginning. With time, the boot gets softer and the laces enable to tighten it in order to cover the foot efficiently. On the liner, a small strap holds the top of the foot and prevents the tongue from turning. Here again, this is a simple process which is yet very practical. Last but not least, the new buckle, wider and more solid than before, supports the ankle without preventing the flexibility. The tightening is thus simple with this skate, but works perfectly well.

Shima Skate Marc Moreno


The flexibility of the skate is not outdone. We know that the Cult is a flexible skate, like often with Razors. The adding of an overboot by Shima doesn't reduce the possibility of bending. The movements of the cuff to the back are limited but it bends quite well at the ankle. As soon as the first sessions, tops are accessible. Grinds are balanced thanks to the front bending of the cuff. If you're looking for a bit of flexibility on the back, cut the cuff or put a V-cut cuff. As for the rest, the huge soulplate holds the skate for it not to be too flexible.


The sliding is really pleasant. The soulplate goes well together with the Ground Control frame. It slides on all surfaces. Moreover, it's fast. The soul plate offers very good grooves too, enabling to find grinds easily and to hold them! Here again, you can feel that Shima really worked on the shape and the placing of the grooves. The soulplate is used as a stop for the wedging, which is perfect to hold your slides a long time. It is solid and, despite the sessions, doesn't lose in sliding and speed.


Shima Skate Marc MorenoThe frame is a Ground Control frame, signed by Moreno himself… Let's not forget that this is a pro-model. The sliding is still as good, the flexibility of the frame is not a problem with the rigidity of the soulplate. It is even a good thing to find the groove. On the other hand, the plastic anti rockers are still as unpleasant and end up by:

- either jamming

- or making noise.

You can still change them. the groove of the frame is still as good and is even becoming better and better. The H-Block is easily found and the anti rockers prevent from un-wedging during your slides. A good marriage between the boot and the frame.


The wheels are 56mm big and of hardness 88A. It's not the hardest or the biggest wheels that could have been hoped for with a pro-model, but let's make do with that. You can still keep your speed with the ABEC7 bearings.

The wheels hold the road, don't slip too much on wet ground, in short this is quite a positive point as for the choice of the polyurethane.


The Moreno is still a bit heavy but bearable and functional in the street. Even if the SSM Moreno has some Razors sides, it is obvious that the skate tried to distance itself from it. Some defects of its big brother have been corrected, like the buckle for example, or the old backside plate. the overboot conveys a rock looks to the skate and the liner is very comfortable…

Strong points and points to be improved


+ a comfortable liner
+ the sliding
+ the new buckle


- the weight
- the lack of flexibility of the spoiler
- the size of the wheels


Technical facts

Brand: Shima Skate Manufacturing
Model: Moreno
Year: 2011
Boot: Plastic
Liner: SSM
Cuff: Removable
Tightening: Buckle, strap on the liner and laces
Size: from 39 to 47 EU
Frame: Ground Control Featherlite
Wheels: SSM 56 mm 88A
Maximum diameter: 58 mm
Bearings: ABEC 7
Price: 250€
Weight: 2 kg per skate for size 42
Use: Street, park

Photo gallery

Shima Skate Marc Moreno

Shima Skate Marc Moreno

Shima Skate Manufacturing Marc Moreno linerShima Skate Marc MorenoShima Skate Marc Moreno

Shima Skate Marc Moreno

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By Bobor
Translated by Close Yr E's
Photo: Bobor and Loic Morin
Thanks to Hawaii Surf
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