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Interview with Vesmaco, tracks manufacturer

Interview with Vesmaco, tracks manufacturer

Vesmaco coatings for roller skating race tracks have become a benchmark around the world. They are used for most international events. We wanted to know more about the Italian manufacturer ...



Vesmaco headquarters

Can you tell us the story of Vesmaco?

The most famous indoor track in Germany - Arena GeisingenVesmaco has been the leading international manufacturer of synthetic coatings and finishes since 1966. Vesmaco products, made from acrylic resins, are designed for sport and civil surfaces. Our company also manufactures mono and bi-component systems, made from acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane. Our materials enjoy an outstanding reputation for excellence, reliability and durability.

These qualities in our products, exhibited and tested in thousands of sport and civil surfaces all over the world, are supported by technical and qualified assistance we offer throughout construction of the surfaces. The helpfulness, experience and reliability of all our staff are essential qualities that establish long-lasting business relationships with our partners.

Our synthetic civil and sport floorings meet most of the Italian market needs and have been applied in different European and extra-European Countries such as Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Island, Romania, Russia, Seychelles, Spain, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela ...

Are roller-skating tracks your first market?

Roller skating made by Vesmaco was born in 2004. durflex®101 sp roller professional system, conceived, studied and realised by Vesmaco was first introduced to the world at the Inline Speed Skating World Championships in L’Aquila – Italy in 2004.

Here under the story about durflex® 101 sp roller professional told by the President, Mr. Romano Cacciani :

“In 2004 I received an inquiry for the renovation of the track of L'Aquila (Italy). That city was designed to host the Inline Speed World Championships of that year. This is the origin of the cycle/system durflex® 101 sp roller professional. I was called to make a first inspection of the work-site and I proposed an innovative solution: the creation of a particular substrate in bituminous conglomerate (having a particular grain size) to be paved with a special thick coating made of acrylic resins. The 2004 Worlds have definitely stated the overcoming of the track in concrete and defined the beginning of a new era for the practice of roller skating. Vesmaco's durflex® 101 sp roller professional has officially accepted, "synthetic resins over asphalt". After three years of observation and after practical and constant tests during successive races, Federal Technicians, in charge of surface control, noticed that the characteristics of adherence and smoothness were unchanged. Since the above characteristics have to be considered as essential under a safety point of view, in such a sport, the FIRS (International Roller Sports Federation) has officially approve the durflex® 101 sp roller professional cycle/system.”

Speed skating track of l'Aquila (Italy)

Is roller-skating an important part of your business?

Yes, it is...

What are your other activities ?

Since 1966 Vesmaco has been offering two products ranges: durflex® sport and tenflex® civil for the realization of sport (tennis courts, basketball/volleyball/handball/five-a-side football fields and multisport areas) and civil (helipads, car parks, cycle lanes, waterproofing solutions…) surfaces.

How many Vesmaco Tracks were built all around the world?

More or less 50. (We listed just some of them on Vesmaco web-site). From Chile to the Republic of South Korea passing through Mediterranean Europe, Northern Europe... But, whatever the number is, we are proud of the events, National and International competitions hosted by Vesmaco Tracks. Vesmaco tracks are surfaces that offer to athletes the possibility to compete at their best, pushing more and more. Vesmaco Tracks offer the ideal balance between smoothness and adherence. Vesmaco Tracks characteristics have allowed the athletes to achieve their maximum capacity and to compete in complete safety, reducing the risk of falling to a minimum.

What is the track you are the most proud of?

More than one! Each one is a new goal!

What are the countries where there are the biggest number of tracks?

For sure Italy and the Republic of South Korea.

The speed-skating track of Gumi (South Korea)

What are your upcoming projects?

The Republic of South Korea but also Latin America and Europe.

There are some countries in which roller skating activities are just recently growing, we try to support them.

Are you still working on improvements of your resin?

Vesmaco, the inventor of “the resin on asphalt” for the realisation of roller skating tracks, cannot stop!

if we are speaking about the durflex® 101 sp roller professional (the FIRS homologated cycle/system for bituminous conglomerate base), you know that is a very good quality product, the top class system, however we always try to improve (till perfection!)

As for the other durflex® roller professional systems, we know that there are different situations (in term of needs, support/base). We try to offer the proper solution from a technical point of view but also satisfying customers’ needs (just think about existing concrete base and the invention of durflex® 100 sp roller professional for the conversion - from concrete base to resinous coating).

Anything to add to conclude?

We are ready to support whoever (in Roller Skating World) needs or is looking for a reliable Company; we have a good name and the longest experience in this market.

About the Durflex...

Vesmaco invented the durflex® roller skating systems; and the durflex® 101 sp roller professional, the unique cycle/system homologated by FIRS (Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports) for asphalt base. durflex® 101 sp roller professional system, conceived, studied and realized by Vesmaco was first introduced to the world at the Inline Speed Skating World Championships in L’Aquila – Italy in 2004.
It was very successful. The reasons for the great success of this flooring system, that has revolutionized competitive speed and artistic roller skating are the ease of use, the absence of connection joints, the high degree of adherence and the smoothness demonstrated by the system during the event.
Such characteristics have permitted (as shown since L’Aquila 2004) new world records and improved individual times. such system is used for the realisation of roller skating tracks, high competitive level, for example L’Aquila (Italy), Cali (Colombia), Gijon (Spain- three tracks hosting World Championships), Geisingen (Germany), Puebla-Mexico (Campeonato Interassociasiones de Carreras 2011) Changwon–Republic of South Korea (the “50th Annual Gyeongnam Sports Festival” in 2011), etc.

Recently Vesmaco has obtained the FIRS homologation for the durflex® 100 sp roller professional for concrete base. Cycle/system for the conversion of skating floorings from slippery concrete with high falling risk to synthetic resinous surfaces with a high degree of smoothness, attending security standards. The new characteristics have been demonstrated by tests on the roller rink in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) - Italy after the surface transformation (2008). San Benedetto track hosted the 2010 European Championships.
Another example is Anyang – Republic of Korea, the track of the 2011 Korean National Roller Championships.

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