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5th step of the World Skate Cross Series 2012 - Rennes (France)

5th step of the World Skate Cross Series 2012 - Rennes (France)

The city of Rennes (France) has hosted, during its annual festival Rennes sur Roulettes, the 4th step of the World Skate Cross Series 2012 season. Many riders coming from everywhere in France and even from Italy came to compete in this local step.


Results of the 4th step of the World Skatecross Series- Rennes 

Skate Cross à Rennes sur Roulettes

What is Skatecross?

The Skatecross is an obstacle race, which takes place in two phases.

A qualification part where the riders skate alone on the track in order to set their qualifying times (so they can choose their start line during the final part) and a final phase where all the qualified riders start in a group of 4, and should arrive at the 1st or 2nd place to reach the next round and advance to the final.

Summary of the competition

More than thirty riders coming from all the type of skating (street, slalom, freeride...) have skated the track during this week-end.

A part of the Charles de Gaulle esplanade has been changed into a skatecross track : a fun box, many transfers and chicanes, a hair-pin curve that allows many paths..., all the things for a fast and technical Skatecross.

A big crowd took place all along the track in order to see all the races.

Skate Cross à Rennes sur Roulettes

Men's race

For the men's race, the victory was not an easy one as there was only a difference of 2 seconds between the first twelve riders during the qualifications. Even if this step was a local one, a huge line-up of riders showed up including the Italian Niccolò De Massi, current leader of the World Skatecross ranking, Pierre Lelièvre, 2nd of the previous ranking and Romain Godenaire, numerous french championship winner in park.

Romain Godenaire is the winner of this step. He has confirmed his leading position by winning the qualifications and all his races til the final. Come next Yohan Fort (speed slalom world champion) followed by the outsider Pierre-Yves Blanchard. Warren Digne takes the 4th place.

Women's race

For the girl races it's Aurore Costabile, for her first participation, who has won the competition. Come next, Eva Thibon followed by Jessica Billard, currently ranked 3rd in the world ranking, at the 3rd place. 

Skate Cross à Rennes sur Roulettes

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