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Test : Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80 A quad skate wheels

Test : Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80 A quad skate wheels

That is a first on OLS! After several years of inline skate wheels testing, let's start with a big diameter model: the Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80 A...



Roues Kryptonics Classic K 70mm 80170 mm wheels are generally used for longboard cruising... Most of the time, quad skaters are equipped with wheels around 65 mm, but when you want to skate miles, better have a good inertia: dare trying 70 or 76 mm if your quads are ok with it!

Kryptonics is probably one of the most reputable brands in skating. With more than 45 years of existence, it has been a long time since its creation. The brand has witnessed its golden skate years in the 80s and 90s but has declined a lot since then. It is now more active in the world of skateboarding.

Description of the Kryptonics Classic K

The Classic K 70 mm are then cruising wheels for longboarding. They are made of a black polymer core. The latter has an interlock that improves the bond with the transparent polyurethane of the on-core. The flat profile of the wheels becomes slightly round on the outside.

The black and white printing is rather sober. Only the diameter and the name of the model are mentioned, together with the discreet logo of the brand.


The core, made of black polymer, is very clean. The on-core has a very smooth surface, in the material of which we noted 2 or 3 bubbles but that is minor. Let's also note a little excess of material but here again, it is not much. On the whole, the on-core is homogeneous.


Roues Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80AThe Classic K are 70 mm high and 45 mm wide. They weight 156 g, which is a bit heavy but that is a guarantee of inertia!


Inserting bearings is not much trouble. Bearings are not very accessible from the outside but you can push them with a tool if needed.


No problem on the asphalt, they offer a good overall grip: in town you can push hard and they hold on, especially once you've done a couple of kilometers.

On the other hand, as soon as you are on a smooth surface like marble, they become more slippery. With 78A or 80A of hardness, we were expecting more grip, especially because they are rather wide.

On wet ground, their grip is not exceptional either. To be used first and foremost on road.

Wear and tear

The material, transparent at first, becomes translucent with use, which is not important in itself and is perfectly logical.

After 30 kilometers, the surface remains homogeneous, the deterioration is slow and even. Nothing to declare.


With quite a compact core, which is rather small compared to the overall size of the wheel, we feared that the wheel was going to lose its shape more than it actually does.

The Kryptonics Classic K offers a good general comfort, efficiently absorbs vibrations (better than with inline skates). They are a bit wheezy when you start pushing but once they are at full speed they offer a great inertia, the speed is easily kept and you skate at great speed without forcing. A pleasant wheel for regular long distance cruising!


The Kryptonics Classic K is a good wheel model for long distance cruising on quad skates, even if it is not initially designed for skating, and its good inertia enables to keep your speed without forcing much. A very pleasant model for track and road skating, the only limits of which being smooth surfaces where it lacks grip.

Roues Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80ARoues Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80A

Strong points and points to be improved


+ A very good rolling
+ Comfort


- Lack of grip on smooth and wet surfaces
- A bit heavy

Technical facts

Brand: Kryptonics
Model: Classic K
Diameter: 70 mm
Width: 45 mm
Hardness: 78 to 80 A
Weight: 156 g
Price: 8,90€
Exists in: 65, 70, 76, 80 and 85A

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By Alfathor
Translated by Close Yr E's
Photos: Alfathor
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