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Test: Aggressive skate, the Valo TV3

Test: Aggressive skate, the Valo TV3

Valo unveils the third model of its roller team: the TV. With time, the entry-level of the brand already saw its cuff reduced and its liner become more comfortable. What does the third section hold?


Test bench…

Valo TV3



Germain : Back Royale to Top AcidIt must be said that the brand image of Valo remains unchanged. Similarly, the overboot hasn't evolved much. Yet, let's note that it has been a bit reinforced at the nose, the heel and the buckle… but there is still nothing done at the cuff, which is a shame even if it is known that the overboot of the TV is quite resistant.

The skate exists in white or black, in order to attract a wide public. As for the frame, it still has not been redesigned, then it is still a useless big block. But given the price, let's not complain!


If the overboot is still a bit fragile (and just a little bit), the skate is solid on the whole. The buckles resist falls, as well as the soulplate. The new two-part version is stronger. The liner is thiner and you can wonder how long the seams are going to hold on. On the whole, for a white skate, it is more dirty than breakable. It is a robust skate.


As mentioned above, the skate has a new liner. "New " is easy to say. It is simply the liner model of the Lights. It is thiner with a more compact foam padding. but it is also a bit fragile. To sum up, the liner is comfy and enables the foot to be close to the boot. But it remains fragile and less comfortable than the very fist Valo liners.


A basic and efficient tightening: laces and buckle. the Laces enable to tighten the overboot on the boot. The buckle holds the ankle quite well. However, the top of the foot is not very well supported. You'd rather slide the laces in the upper eyelets of the skate in order to have a better ankle support. But here again, it is everyone's business…


The skate still has a low cuff, which makes the skate quite flexible as soon as the first tries. However, no worries, you are still well supported at the ankle. The cuff gets softer with time. It is yet hold by the overboot, which enables to avoid too much flexibility.


What more to say about the gliding than "Hell yes!" That is one of the best, if not the best, gliding on the market. With the two-part soulplate, you have a little grip on the nose for switch-ups and the rest for a stable and fast gliding. The notches for grinding are easy to find. And the fact that they do not come off is really noticeable. Once again, Valo makes its novelties affordable to a wide public, or at least to the public with the smallest budget.

Platine des Valo TV3


Roues et roulementsWhat could be said about the frame? It is the opposite of the soul place. It is heavy, ugly… (But it is only my tastes) and above all not very useful! It even acts like a brake to the gliding! It is thus perfect for beginners, but if you are looking for speed, you will have to forget it.

It mixes quite well with the soulplate as for the notches however, but here again, it is the case with most frame so you'd rather change it.


Eight 58 mm Valo wheels of hardness 88A. It is quite a shame that the wheels are not as solid as expected. It happens… Anyway, let's note the effort of the brand to make skates with wheels of quite a big diameter. Set up with ABEC 5 bearings, it is a real pleasure to handle. Let's only regret that there are no Valo anti-rockers on this model.


The Valo TV3 is not a great revolution in itself, but it largely benefits from the evolutions of its eldest: a thinner liner, a better soulplate… Enough to make the Valo fans happy, especially if they are not carbon-lovers. The price/quality ratio is rather good. In short, it is a skate suitable for all levels.

Strong points and points to be improved


+ The thin and precise liner
+ The new soulplate and its gliding
+ The size of the wheels


- The fragility of the liner
- The lack of anti-rockers
- The heavy and unaesthetic frame

Technical facts

Brand: Valo
Model: TV3
Year: 2012
Boot: Plastic
Liner: Valo
Cuff: Removable
Tightening: Laces and buckle
Sizes: 39 to 46
Frame: Valo
Wheels: 58 mm 88 A
Maximum diameter: 58 mm
Bearings: ABEC 5
Price: 219€
Use: Park, Bowk, Street

Photo gallery

Germain en Back Savannah Le chausson des Valo TV3 Le Custom de Yoann Vue de la face externe du Valo TV3 Vue de la face interne du Valo TV3 Vue latérale du Valo TV3 Yoann en True Mizu

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By Bobor
Translated by Close Yr E's
Photos : Bobor
Thanks to Clic-n-roll, Germain
Yoann and Eurotop
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